Why is my straight edge scarf pattern adding/ decreasing stitches?

Hello Knitters,

I am new to knitting and decided to try my hand at my first knitting pattern, link listed below. All went well (I think) till I got to the [10 stitches increased] in row 1 under the “continue in stitch pattern”. No clue what this means! I tried googling everything but found that increasing and decreasing stitches makes the rows different widths and the scarf has a straight edge. What is my next step? Right now I have completed the “purl to end” and all my stitches are cast off to the other needle, ready to go.


Thank you for hour help! :slight_smile:


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This is a gorgeous pattern but not an easy one for a beginner. The stitch pattern consists of the two rows under the “continue stitch pattern” heading. Have you tried those on a small swatch to make sure you understand what’s involved?
Have you started that stitch pattern row 1 yet (not the initial purl row 1 at the beginning of the pattern)? It has 10 increases in it. If you follow the directions for the row, wrapping the indicated purl sts twice, you’ll have increased 10 sts by the end of the row.

The video on the page explains it very well, you wrap some stitches twice in the purl row hence the increases, but in the following knit row you will drop the twice-wrapped stitches off the needle and then after knitting 4 pick up the dropped stitch as a single stitch - wrapping it twice will make the single stitch big enough to stretch over the 4 knitted stitches giving you the diagonal pattern that makes up the scarf - dropping the stitches and picking them up as a single stitch decreases the extra stitches and leaves you with the original amount.

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Thank you! I understand the extra stitches now from wrapping the yard twice. Took a little to get understand it but it makes sense now.

Can’t believe I missed the video. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction and all the helpful tips! Can’t wait to try and give the pattern a try.

Thank you! I really like the pattern too so will be having a go myself!