Why is my M1 making a hole?

Hi there friends!
I am knitting a double knit cable hat on circular needles and started the increase via M1 towards or away (depending on which yarn) and now that I am coming around to those sts, it is making a small gap in my knitting. I’m doing it just like the video says…?

When you lift the bar between the stitches for the M1, you have to knit through the small loop on the needle rather than through the strand that’s in front.

Okay, I see that now…but I am double knitting and getting a little confused. Will I do as you say, then rearrange the sts? If so…how?
Thanks for the help, it’s amazing to have someone online helping me instantly- it’s 11:20pm here right now, otherwise I’d be stuck waiting till business hours! I appreciate it Ingrid! :slight_smile:

I’m afraid that double-knitting is one thing that I haven’t done, so I’m afraid I can’t help you there. :think::pout: