Why is my color change (heart) puffed up and not flat?

I don’t know if you can see it good enough in the pics or not but I can’t figure out why this happens and I’m trying to figure out how to fix it. It’s a little late now that I went crazy and knitted the rest of this HUGE scarf. lol. I might get an embroidery needle and try to fix it a little. I tried it already and it made the shape of the heart look funny but I’m going to do it a little closer to the heart and hope it turns out ok. fingers crossed. My mom thought this scarf was ridiculous but I’m one of those people that dread the next winter as soon as the current one is over…like now. LOL ! I HATE winter with a passion. I have muscle problems and I FREEZE to death and tense up and it hurts me real bad… especially when we live in a hot climate and then the military sends us to a cold state for the winter as usual. (shivers thinking about it). lol. My mother is in no way mean but it kinda hurt my feelings that she thought it was weird and laughed at it because it was so big but I won’t have to wrap 2 and 3 scarves around my neck anymore because finally for once in my life I’ll have a scarf big enough. lol. I always complain that my scarves are too small. I like to wrap the scarf to the back of my neck and then back to the front again and have the sides hang down in front and when I do this the sides are so short it doesn’t look right and also the scarves are never wide enough and I FREEZE. Lol. I have a small neck so maybe this is why she thought it was so weird. LOL. Anyways, sorry I went off on a tangent just now… any help would be great. :slight_smile:


p.s. I’m so glad this forum isn’t aggrivating like you have to do so many posts before you can put a website or post a pic or whatever. That drives me nuts. This forum RULES !!! :cheering: :knitting: :heart: :grphug: :woohoo:

Did you strand the tan behind the heart? That would make it double thick there and the heart would stand out.

To have it really lie flat, you’d work the tan up to the heart, knit the heart stitches, and then switch to another strand of tan, intarsia knitting.

Either way, it really looks fine.:shrug:What’s wrong with poofed heart?

Whenever I carry the main color yarn too tightly behind the contrast, the design looks raised - because the main color pulls the edges of the contrast color area together. Look at the back and see if the main color strands look straight - if they do, they are too tight. They should look a trifle baggy… On the other hand, you can tell folks that it is “dimensional” knitting designed to make a stand-up design!

Ingrid, I love your avatar ! It’s so cute and funny. ha ha. Well, if you were to see it in person you would agree it doesn’t look the best. lol. When I knitted it I used the tan color and then when i got to the black i just pushed the tan out of the way and knitted the black and vice versa. Is this the way you do it? Good idea Little audrey. ha ha LOL :slight_smile: Thank you guys ! :slight_smile:
Angel Leah