WHY is it so hard to find a size?

Ok i come to all of you for help…Ive just spent WAYYY too much time looking on the net for this and ive got to get on with life…

I get this call last night from a girlfriend and all i got was…

hat, scarf, pink, christmas.

apparently the little girl was within earshot and she didnt want to say much. I got the picture.

Now I need to find the average size of an 8year old girls head so i know what size to make the hat. And, I was hoping to see what is the “in” length for little girls scarves?

Any help would be WONDERFUL and APRICIATED!!

thanks, Melissa

Have you seen these charts?



Hats sized for adult women are generally between 20" (50.8 cm) or 21" (53.3 cm), so for a child 18" (45.7 cm) to 19" (48.3 cm) should work (based on the chart measurements).

As for scarf measurements, I am not up on the latest “in” length for kid scarves; however, looking at scarf patterns for kids the average length seems to lie somewhere between 40" (101.6 cm) and 48" (121.9 cm). Even thought I saw a pattern for a 60" long scarf, I wouldn’t make a scarf that long for an active child since it might get caught on stray objects or they could trip on it. Width seems to be pretty steady at 5" (12.7 cm).

I know mom did not want little ears to over hear her request, but is it possible for her to take measurements of the little girls’ outwear garments (hat and scarf) for measurement basing for the items you plan to make.


Katrina’s right on the ‘average’ head size for a child. I should just point out it’s a good idea to get a measurement. My dd is 4.5 years, and her head is 21" around!!! I would make a hat and it would be too small. Waaaay too small.

I agree with the pp about those average head circumferences. My 3 year old has a 20" head!! So, you might want to see if the mom can get you some measurements.

I would think as long as you make a pattern with a bit of give to it (ribbing at the brim?) it should fit fine.

Good luck!


I would say make it adult size…

I find that there really isn’t too much difference between the child and adult size head at a point.

I have been doing Harry Potter camps, going as Hermione…and when I go get the wig…it is child size and fits my head perfectly…

If it were a guy…I would be hesitant…cause I know a few guys with a pretty big head…but to be safe…go bigger…if it doesn’t fit…she may just grow into it…