Why is it so hard to find a felted vest pattern?

The only thing I can find is the Fibertrend felted vest, while there are million felted bags and clogs and hats out there. Does anyone know of any felted vest pattern out there, free?

I was wondering that too. Maybe felted fabric is just too stiff for garments? I haven’t felted yet (well, not on purpose), so I’m not sure, but it seems like it might be. Of course, that quality would make it good for sturdier items like bags and clogs.

felting is a little hard to control…it is very easy to have something felt too much and then your vest would be too small.

My imagination just ran wild on a over-shrunken vest :rofl:

There is a felted vest in the book Felted Knits byBeverly Galeskas

Do you have a photo of this vest? I went to Amazon and flipped through the demo pages, but the vest is not on. It looks like a good felting book to get, but I really want it with a vest pattern I like. Thanks.

if you go back and search inside the book on amazon, there is a pic of a felted zippered vest. it’s on the page that says, “warm hands & heart.”

Not a very pretty vest but you could make it anyway you want

Thanks ! It actually looks very good. I am off to get that book!
Wait, I was browsing at Amazon, and saw this book Vogue Knitting on the Go: Felting (Vogue Knitting On The Go) has high ratings. Does anyone know if this one has a vest?