Why is it growing wide?

Hello, this is my first scarf/anything/beginner knitting and I noticed something weird. I did my cast on, started making my rows, and each row I do adds another cast on stich. so I went from 20 stiches to almost 33 now, and it just keeps getting wider.

What am I doing wrong? Please help!

Welcome to KH!
There are several reasons this might be happening. What stitch pattern are you using to make the scarf? Are you knitting all the rows (garter stitch) or are you alternating knit and purl sts?

If you begin a row with a knit stitch, be sure to take the yarn to the back below the needle. If you take the yarn to the back over the needle, one stitch will look like two sts and you’ll add a stitch each time.
If you’re changing between knits and purls you may be creating yarn overs by changing the position of the yarn over the needle rather than between the needles. This will create new sts along the row.

You have lots of company on this problem. It happens to all of us at one time or another. There’s a whole topic to browse through for help.

Can you post a photo of your scarf?

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