Why is grafting sock toes so difficult?

Why is this so complicated for me…the instructions on the silver sock class site seem simple enough.

If anyone has any pointers I will gladly accept them.


I haven’t done silver’s sock class and don’t have time to look right now but did she use the Kitchner stitch? Check out Amy’s video on Kitchner stitch. It showed me how to do it perfectly and I find myself repeating “Knit Purl Purl Knit” all the way across the toes when I do it. :thumbsup:

For whatever reason, I couldn’t catch on to grafting so I went to this site and found a visual that worked better for me. Now that I’ve grafted a few times of course KH’s makes perfect sense to me. :shrug:


Happy knitting :hug:

For the kitchener stitch, I use the instructions from a sock pamphlet – one I picked up at HL. For some reason, the instructions click better with me.

I actually enjoy the grafting (go figure). Once you get going, you get in a smooth rhythm, and it really does look nice when completed.

Try googling kitchener stitch and see if you can find better pictures. You never know which set of instructions will click.

grafting requires an understanding of the knitting…

with time and practices (and grafting!) you come to learn a stitch in profound way.

until then, grafting is complex and hard to understand, then one day, like magic, you get it… and you can graft, with out looking or thought.

for some this comes in a short time, for others, its a long struggle.

but once you get it, its like you’ve been lifted to a higher plane.

its like reading… once you read words, and then sentences, and now, you read. not individual words, but books…

you get it. same too, with grafting … one day you get it.

the only way to get there, is to struggle with each stitch, and know, you will one day get it… (and sooner than you think!)