Why I will never do socks one at a time ever ever ever again

I was doing toe-up, two at a time socks using a pattern stitch out of Sensationa Knitted Socks and planned on doing short row heels. As I approached the heel, I happened to watch the KG episode with Cookie A. I thought, oh great, a short row heel with a gusset! How cool! I knit gussets on both socks.

Then I figured, since I am kind of fudging this, maybe I’d better do the short row heels one at a time. That way, if the fit is not good, less frogging. Sooo, I did one. And it was perfect! Perfect!

Then, I put that one aside and did the gusset and short row heel on the other sock. See the problem??? I did the gusset stitches twice! Veeery big heel! What a pain.

I just frogged back to the middle of the gusset and picked up the stitches. Thank got the pattern over the top of the foot is not that complicated or I never would have been able to do it.

I will never ever EVER knit just one again!

I love knitting two at once, too! I thought I’d never ever do one at a time again, but I’m knitting Pomatomus and I want to do them symmetrical (i.e. the left and right socks are not identical). It would be too hard to keep track of what I’m doing if I were doing both at once, so I’m doing only one at a time.

I have always knit socks in tandem except for one time…I mean when I was knitting socks on dpns, too, I’d have a sock on one set of dpns and a sock on another. And, LOL, I’m an odd duck when it comes to knitting socks on 2 circs, too…I don’t like knitting 2 socks on 2 circs, so I did as I did when knitting socks on dpns…I have one sock on 2 circ and the other socks on its very own 2 circs…LOL, I have many, many size 1 dpns and circs :roflhard: :rofl: