Why I hate my job

Just had a customer in here okay? At 1:18, he asked about storage, took him out and showed him the storage size he wanted. Came back in, had him fill out some paperwork, normally takes a person 5-10 minutes total and me 5 mintues to get everything done, they leave.
HE WAS HERE UNTIL 2:14!!That is almost an hour, why? Well, just a run down in matter of fact phrasing from his mouth.

  1. When God comes down in a spaceship, will we believe he is God?
  2. Mary’s pregnancy was artificial insemination, not emaculate conseption.
  3. His daugther was harassed by a cable guy, got him fired and he is stocking her.
  4. The bible is full of lies.
  5. The earth is going to be on fire in a few years.
  6. Terrorist are everywhere, you can’t trust anyone.
  7. There are angels walking around in human form and if you anger them, that is how people die.
    I won’t say anymore, but, let me tell you, it went on and on, to the point of freaking me completely out!!!
    This is why I don’t like my job and being alone here.

:hug: I’m so sorry for you. I don’t think I’d like that either.
Hope you have a better week next week.:hug:

Wow:shock: gotta love the crazy people in the world!

Yikes, makes me wonder what he’s going to be putting in his storage unit…

Yeah, I see some real wirdos!!:roflhard:

Don’t say that!! :passedout: :out:

wow i feel bad for his daughter. she is going to be single FOR A LONG TIME if she brings her dates to meet her dad.

that guy definetly missed his medication today. luckily he left you alone though.

No kidding!! BTW, this guy is 67 years old!!!

I have one word for you…taser.

What a nut job! You should have told him not to worry, that the government has security cameras in all your storage units to make sure no one will take anything, especially aliens and terrorists. Then he would have been out of your office much quicker. :cool:

I get people that call my work (I answer phones at home for various companies) and sometimes they just spew all kinds of hatred and crazy $hit! It makes my job humorous at the least. Sometimes I wish we had automatic phone number capture on all the companies we service. We get these perverts who call for children’s products and then talk dirty. Hello!?! You aren’t calling either a sex line nor are you going to be talking to children! A friend of mine told me I should ask if they would like to “speak to a lady” and take their credit card number. Let them ramble on while I go shopping at Knitpicks and then tell them that their credit card statement will read Knitpicks to secure their anonimity!

We sure run into some crazy people!

Wow… you just topped all my days on the job back at Subway. It was many years ago, but for most of the day I was the only one working and I got all kinds of creepy visitors. I heard many a strange comment and saw a few things that would make you blush. I was so glad when the monitored security cams went in!

:roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard: I love it!!!

Oh lord, I love reading others experiences, I don’t feel so alone!!:roflhard:

Don’t worry then, the aliens should abduct him really soon :roflhard: oh,and angels will carry him to the alien spaceship :teehee:

A friend on another forum told me to go buy some angel wings and next time he comes in, put them on, put my hands on my hips and looked p!ssed. LOL


As an archaeologist we frequently get nutters sharing their theories with us. My former colleague used to tell them it was very interesting, tell them to write it down and then put it in a filing cabinet - they think you’ve taken it seriously and it gives others a laugh

could always fire back with questions like, How high is up? and if a smurf is depressed, what color is it? Of course, I’d be the type of customer you wouldn’t care for, last time I was in a dept. store, somebody asked if they could help me, and I said, “do you have anything that I’d like?” Got into the shirt department, and they were asking what size I was, I said, “Extra Medium”. My apologies to Stephen Wright for borrowing his material.

Aah. The human fruit loop. Terribly scary when you are alone with them…but really good material for the internet and amusing your friends.

A friend of mine from high school’s dad legally changed his name to “Michael the Archangel” and ran for President one year. He also painted his car with “hell and damnation” scriptures and wore an American flag like a cape. He also had “followers” who actually campaigned for him to win. He was really, really nice, just crazy.

But then, years later, he was on the news because he tried to break into his ex-wife’s house and when the police were called, he charged them with a knife. Apparently, the docs put him on new meds, and they really messed him up.

Luckily the 67 year old man was just talking and no one seemed in danger. Mental Illness is everywhere. We must take things like this with compassion, and understand that it must be very difficult for this man and others living in this world. It may be an inconvienence, but he may have just needed to talk to someone. Maybe it helped him just for that day.