Why don't they make tiny circulars for knitting socks?


Why doesn’t someone make a tiny (in circumference) circular needle for knitting socks with?

Wouldn’t that make it tons easier to knit socks?

There must be some obvious reason this can’t be done or I assume someone would have already done it…?

well one of the stores has 8 inch circs but honestly the 12 inch were small enough for me. basically in order for them to be short enough to bend into a circle they have to have almost nothing to the points for you to hold on to. nooooo fun by my estimation!

You don’t like DPNs, magic loop or two circs? I can do them all now, but prefer the DPNs now that I know them well!

The reason is because the needles would have to be TINY to allow for enough cable to make it flexible. The needles would have to be so small you’d hardly be able to hold them., and they’d hurt your hands. Have you ever used 12" circs? The needle itself is likt 3.5" long. Even then, some people find their hands cramping.

I know I’ve seen a link for 8 inch circs, but I’ve heard that they make your hands cramp because they’re so small. I’m not a fan of DPNs, but LOVE the magic loop technique. I would highly recommend learning it! :thumbsup:

:smiley: LOL, I ordered the 8" circs bc I thought I was gonna be just too smart & knit socks with them :roflhard: :rofling: :roflhard: I was so wrong :roflhard: :rofling: Now I knit socks on dpns and 2 circs :thumbsup:

I just got my first 12" circ a week ago, and I’ve already done a sock on it. it’s my new favorite method for sock knitting.

I got some 11" balene circulars thinking I might need them someday. They’re practically impossible to knit with.

I have the little Japaneese Clover Circ (8")
I make Fingerless Gloves on them, its PERFECT and would be perfect for Socks too, not that I have done any yet

they were hard to work with at first, but I am getting used to them


I haven’t had any trouble with my addi’s 12 inch. I like them a lot, but use dpns and a circular loop sometimes too. I think I like variety! :lol: samm

My mom is learning different knitting skills cause I make her thats what she is saying… always says I’m a quilter, your the knitter… last trip in I had her making bed socks on DPNs… she didn’t like them at all and wants me to take the local class knitting on 2 circs… but I love my DPNs and tell her just give them time and you will too… she says she will not use her other bed sock yarn till I show her that :rollseyes: next trip in thats what I’ll be doing :rofling: maybe I should get her to try the 12" though instead… :thinking:

With all the advances in nanotechnology, ya’d think they’d come up with something like nano-knitting to address this serious quality-of-life-issue for knitters!! :lol:


Does any one have a sock pattern using magic loop I would love to try it?