Why doesn't this stockinette curl?

I’m knitting Clapotis now, and notice that the sides do not curl. Why is this? Is it because it’s on the bias or something?

You’re just THAT good!

:notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:

You know, I had that once too on a different pattern. It was the easy v-neck pullover from www.glampyreknits.com . It’s a top down raglan with kfb increases on every right side row at both neck edges. The neck edges did not curl, however the back of the neck did. :shrug: Who knows why, but it was sure a treat! :smiley:

Ingrid and Angelia, you guys are silly. :teehee: I can just see myself at the next SnB “oh yeah? well I’m so good, my stockinette doesn’t curl!”

Knitqueen, this pattern also has a kfb every other row. In the increase sections, it began every row with either kfb or pfb, and now that we’re in the straight sections, RS rows begin with 1 purl and end with kfb, and WS rows begin with sl1 and end with p2tog. I wonder what the critical elements are to keep it from curling. :?? Like with your pullover, there is a part that curls, and that’s the very botton part. It curls up like normal stockinette. But the edges don’t curl at all. Veeeery interesting.

Good, thick yarn? I had a blanket done in stockinette that didn’t curl once because it was a thick yarn. Maybe that’s the case? :shrug:

No, it’s because of the pattern. However, when the stitches are dropped it will curl some on the edges, but it’s supposed to.