Why does this keep happening?


I start a scarf in ribbing. I’m going along fine with K2, P2 (or whatever). BUT when it comes time to Bind Off the Bind Off end ALWAYS ends up wider than the Cast On end!!


How can I keep both ends the same width? Granted, by the time I add fringe and give both ends some tugs, they end up about the same width anyway. But this is VERY frustrating! Does anyone have any tips/advice for me?


Are you binding off in rib or are you just doing a straight knit bind off? You may be stretching it out by binding off without binding off in pattern.

It could be your cast on edge is tighter than your cast off edge. You could try casting on with a larger size needle. If you don’t bind off in pattern it will make the ribs flare a little on the edge.

Cast ons and bind offs are different. I think casting on with a larger needle is a good idea, as well as binding off in pattern.

Every time I ask myself this question the answer is usually “You’re doing it wrong!”… lately that question is so often on the tip of my tongue that my husband now has a wav file that will say that line from the Mr. Mom movie.

My guess for your problem is that you’re casting on too tightly and binding off too loose. It’s a very common problem when you’re just starting out and not really confident. I would do as Ingrid suggested and bind on with slightly larger needles to help with that until you are more confident in your skill. It’s a learning process, and the thing is, at least you are recognizing the problem and trying to fix it. That’s what the fine folks here are all about, helping you over these little hurdles.

Hello again!

Thanks for the responses. Yes, I’ve been binding off in Rib and I’ve been knitting for around 10 years. Is there a special Cast On method that I should use for ribbing? Maybe that’s the problem?!?

Thanks again,

Just make sure your cast on is loose and flexible for any knitting. The long tail or cable castons work, just don’t pull the yarn tight when you do them.