Why does this annoy me?

Set scene: I (Nik) am knitting in any given public place

Random Old Lady (ROL): Ooooh Goodness I see you are knitting

Nik: (smiling) Yes, yes I am

ROL: Oh how nice, that is the in thing right now isn’t it?

Nik: :roll:

Ok, I am not now nor never have been a “because other people are doing it” kind of person. Yes, I did just learn how to knit… but I didn’t know it was the “in” thing to do and even if it was the most out thing to do… I would be doing it. I am not 12. (well, even at 12 I was rocking some pretty awesome vintage clothes that were quite out at the time) I do what I want because I want to.

/ rant

Don’t worry about what other people say…do it because you enjoy it! It may be the “in thing” to do now but in 10 years when it’s no longer a fad and you are still knitting, well, you’ll know it was because you love it not because it was a passing fad. Fads aren’t bad things though…it has meant a lot of lovely yarns on the marketplace to choose from that wouldn’t be there if there wasn’t the “demand”.

I totally hear you! :lol: I get a similar reaction about this site. “Oh, aren’t you clever to be releasing this new site just in time to take advantage of this new craze!” As if I decided to make this site because I wanted to hop on the band wagon or something. (I’m just a knitter, who happens to have a web designer husband, and, you know, one thing naturally led to the next…)

“It’s not about the craze!” We’ll have to march in the streets with our needles clicking away, and shout this. “We’re doing it because we WANT to! REALLY!!!”

Think it’ll ever get through?

It’s like being told, “Wow, you like to eat Indian food, eh? It sure is becomming trendy.” No…people are just realizing it’s yummy!! LOL.


I’ve had the same thing said to me!

I just shrug and don’t reply. Although I started knitting in 1998 (was it a craze then? Don’t think so!) I just don’t bother responding 'cos it’s not worth it.

I just happen to love knitting, and love the stuff I make by knitting.

And I’m quite proud of my ability to make something out of nothing (ok, not nothing, but you get my meaning right?!) and I agree that’s pretty cool! But being cool is the side effect not the reason I knit!

I just beat them to it and say, you know, it is THE thing to do these days. Then what can they say? I really don’t care what THEY think.

And like the rest of you, I had no idea it was popular or THE thing until I started searching for information and realizing it was out there.

I have been trying to learn to knit on and off all my life whenever I had the time. Just never was succesful until I found this wonderful web site. Never could figure out what the heck some of the written directions meant and when I tried to follow what I thought they meant, I ended up with some pretty weird results.


My annoyance doesn’t come from strangers, but people I know. My friends, coworkers and even my mother make fun of me all the time. They consider knitting a “granny” hobby and that young people who knit must be boring people. I just laugh at them and even more when they ask me to make them or their kids something.

i started knitting in 98 too egeria!

like you all, i don’t think i knit because it is the in thing to do, but I AM very much enjoying all the resources, information, great new yarns, and patterns available because it is.

if it really bothers you, say that: actually, i’ve been a knitter for years, but i like that it is enjoying so much popularity right now because…

I knit because it’s the “in” thing to do. JK :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess since I recently started, you could say that I have jumped on this bandwagon like so many others. Really though, I didn’t start because everyone else started doing it. I’ve always wanted to knit.

One of my main goals is to knit sweaters that FIT!!! Did you know that most tops are designed to fit a woman with a B-cup bra size? I won’t go into all my body measurements here, but lets just say I don’t fit into the standard norm of clothing sizes. Actually, let me rephrase that. I don’t fit any where close to the standard norm of clothing sizes.

When I go into a store to try on a top and it doesn’t fit, then that’s it. I have to keep looking and hope that “one day” I will eventually find something. When I knit a sweater, then I will get it to fit me perfectly, even if I have to “tink” it several times. I know that the finished product WILL fit and fit me well for that matter.

There are other reasons that I knit. This is just what’s on my mind the most right now :slight_smile:

Same here. I’ve gotten side tracked and haven’t actually finished a sweater yet, but that was my original intention. And it was a LOT easier to quit smoking being a knitter.

When people comment on me KIP and the “trendiness” of it, I try to make myself as wierd as possible: “OH MY FISH REALLY??? This is a sweater for my 5-legged dog Teakweinishkabo, but he’s leaving on the spaceship tonight to so he can control our eyelids with the moonbeams. Do you like salad?” Then I start humming O Canada and drooling. They usually leave me alone.

I do this more for my entertainment then to make them go away.


Often time when i knit in a public place someone will ask me what i am knitting. I take it as a compliment.

When that happens i put my needles down and carry on a pleasant conversation with that person. I have met the nicest ROL’S and formed friendships with them.

People are not asking about your knitting to be rude or for that matter to bother you. Perhaps in their younger years they too knitted and envy you!

This is a funny thread. I get the “knitting is for grannies” thing from my little sister, but very few other people. In fact, since I started knitting a lot more lately and taking it to work, almost everyone at work IS doing it now – not because it is trendy, but because it looks fun or relaxing or they figure if I can do it, they can too. Whatever reason. We are all having fun learning together and helping each other.

I have to say…if an “old lady” says anything about knitting being the “in thing,” she is probably glad. Ask her if she knits or knitted in the past. I’ll bet she did. There is a 94-year-old volunteer at my work who gives us advice sometimes. :slight_smile:

<edit: I swear, Anne and I were writing our posts at the same time about the ROL’s!>

Need more coffee…


LOL Gardenia… I went to my LYS today looking for “what’s new” in yarn.

When i walked in the door there sat a lovely lady who i would guess to be in her 80"s… Darling lady. She was wearing a beautiful sweater she had knitted in Dec of 2004…( lavendar, blue, pink) with a collar and cuffs in which she had knitted Cuff links to match. Unbelievable!!! Button holes to boot with large pearl buttons.

This darling lady has been knitting since she was 5 years old. I heard her tell a little girl who was there with her Mother how wonderful it was that she was learning how to knit. The little girl ask her if “she would teach her some tricks”…lol… “Of coarse i would be delighted as i live alone now and would love to have company”. They exchanged phone #'s.

I left the store in tears thinking someday i will be OLD wondering if i will be lonely and reaching out for people to talk to.

I can’t think of a better way to meet new friends… Happy Knitting

I love talking to old ladies about anything. They remind me of my grandmother, who lives far away from me and I miss dearly. I may be wrong, but I don’t think it is the little old lady Nik finds annoying as much as the fact that the little old lady thinks she started knitting because it is the “cool” thing to do these days. I don’t know how old Nik is, but I am young (25) and I know it bothers me when people think I do something because everyone else does it. Maybe it has something to do with trying to figure out yourself and set yourself apart from others…sorry, didn’t mean to get so deep :slight_smile:

Isn’t the older ladies I find annoying it is the condescending tone. If it wasn’t for the tone I would be more than happy (and have many times in the past) strike up a conversation about knitting or any topic.

Nik, I wonder if the ROLs are suddenly spotting knitting as trendy because guys are now doing it. Knitting guys have been extremely rare in the past, which makes you a target for commentary on recent trends. You probably would have enjoyed knitting no matter what era you were born in, but the fact is that right now, you’re kind of in the vanguard, like it or not! I think it’s nice that you have the opportunity to show people that activities like knitting are about much more than trends and fads. You have the chance to be an ambassador for openmindedness.

When people just have the wrong idea, I haven’t really found it annoying exactly, so much as I feel compelled to make sure they leave the interraction with the right idea, about my intentions! I definitely don’t don an attitude about it or anything. I fully agree with you Anne. I think the connection we have with other people as knitters, and with people who are even just curious about knitting, is a special and even sacred thing. There’s not many things that will get people talking easily with you in public. You know…babies, puppies, and knitting! We’re a part of a special elite here! It’s definitely a fortunate thing.

I think we all get this, don’t we? We’re not in war mode, just SNB mode. :wink:

Unless we’re talking about the kind of people who SERIOUSLY condescend, and make a point out of trying to make you feel small, because you’re just learning, or you don’t know some knitting term or whatever. I’ve only had one encounter like that, and it got me really upset. Then, they’re clearly not striking up conversation in order to make a connection, but rather to put you down. I don’t know what Nuno’s experience was, or what degree of annoying she’s talking about. If she’s seriously peeved, it had to be this kind of encounter. In that case, we’re talking about two different kinds of encounters altogether.

In any case, I don’t think anyone’s questioning the wonderful connection and experience you can have with a stranger who wants to talk about your knitting. I absolutely LOVE that kind of stranger! gab gab gab, it’s the best way to get me talking! :wink:


:oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

I am an idiot. I saw Nik’s name and thought she was a guy – duh! fooled by the “faceless” internet again! :oops:

Sorry Nik! I guess I should just try a little harder in keeping up with who’s who on forums and not just randomly read and reply to posts. Sigh…


I’m totally with you on hating the condescension thing. It hasn’t happened to me yet, but I’m sure I wouldn’t handle it well. :x The only teasing I get is from my little sister, who should be careful when I have long, pointy sticks in my hands. :wink:


Why haven’t I met any of these condescending people?? I would just “love” to have my way with them. I can just imagine how it would go:

Condescender: “Oh, you’re one of those people that knit…?” :roll:
Beldie: "Oh, you’re one of those people that rolls her eyes at others…?"
C: "Knitting is just a fad. I don’t believe in following a fad just because everyone else is doing it."
B: “I’ve been knitting since I was five.” (Like she really has to know the truth) “I was knitting outfits for preemies and cancer victims and donating them by the time I was 12. Why don’t you go roll your eyes at a mirror and take a hike? I have knitting to do.”

I think I am in love with you.