Why does my knitting not look the same as the picture?!

So I started knitting again after several years.
But I’m very disappointed that my knitting looks nothing like the picture on the pattern card!
I followed the pattern properly although the only thing I can think of is I had to use 3 1/4 needles instead of 3 1/2 as I didn’t have the 3 1/2.
Is it me or the pattern? Please help it’s really put me off picking up my hobby again.

When working on the wrong side you need to use purl stitches and when working on the right side knit stitches.

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Thank you so much! Can’t believe I forgot such a silly thing! Shows how long its been seen I’ve had the needles out! It’s now looking more like the picture…

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What do the directions say to do for each row?? The picture looks like you should knit every stitch on one row and then purl every stitch on the next row. Your knitting looks like you are knitting only 1 stitch and then purling one stitch, knit 1 purl 1.
To get your stitches to look like the picture you need to knit ALL the stitches in one row and then purl ALL the stitches in the next row.

Hope that helps