Why does my BO loosen up?

I attached pictures of the double-yarn-strand Cowl I knitted tonight, specifically focused on the BO edge. I did a Cable CO so I decided to do what was supposed to look like a Cable BO. It looked nice, but when I cut my yarn and pulled the last loop up it did not remain neat. As you can see it loosened enough that you can see ladders. I have not cut off the ends yet so I might try to undo the BO and do it again tomorrow if I can get some advice.

I try not to use knots in my knitting, but it seems like no matter how tight it looks if it is not knotted it does not stay tight. My BO edge never looks as smooth and secure as my CO edge does.

Was the Cable CO and BO just a bad choice?

This is the video instructions for the “Cable Bind Off” I used.

Pictures of my Cowl:
Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 4

try using a smaller needle to bind off with, maybe it won’ be as noticeable then.

Does one of the photos show a gap at the end of round? You might try one of these methods to finish off that last stitch.

The knitting looks wonderful, btw. Looks like a beautiful cowl.

Thank you for the link, it was very helpful. I chose Option 3 and it looks really great. However, when I went back to weave in the ends I ran into the same problem I always do and the CO looks sloppy.

I weave the ends in through several stitches so it should be secure, so I pulled it to make sure it wouldn’t unravel and I cut it very closely like I see people do in videos but when I finally make the cut it never looks as neat, I can see what is left of the yarn poking out. Is this just what all knitting looks like?

It is on the inside and the edges curl a bit so it is not so bad but this happens with everything I make. I hate having to cut the yarn without a knot (stressful!) but I don’t want big knots in my knitting either. Is there something I can do to make is more secure and tidy without a knot?

I use a method similar to the one that Amy shows here:

I usually run the yarn up about six sts, then back down and up again. Stretch the knitting to stretch the woven end and then clip. I probably don’t clip the end as closely as most videos show but I definitely don’t want the end slipping through to the right side.
You an also weave in the end along the bind off and hide the.end that way.

Here is a picture looking inside the cowl, and you can see where the ends are (I pulled them tighter so they would be easier to photograph).

What size needle did you use to knit the cowl? Sometimes what looks like ladders is just “regular” knitting IF you’re using big needles.

Size 35 needles, so that might be what I saw. They were strange to work with.