Why does mine look different?

I need your help my fellow knitters… I am knitting a scarf using this pattern but mine looks completely different than the picture shown. The picture shown looks as if there are squares in the pattern, but mine does not. I am following the pattern as it is sooooo easy… K2, K into the back of the next stitch, purl, repeat to last two stitches and K2…repeat…any ideas why mine looks different??

Thanks in advance for your help! :muah:

I’m not sure. :think: It looks as if you’re missing the purl in the middle of the stripes, but… :??

Because her yarn was handspun and your yarn is commercially spun, that’s all! The bumpiness of the handspun make hers look unique and different, which was probably the effect she was going for. Your yarn is commercially spun, so the stitches will be more clean, neat, and even, which they are.

I am totally purling…this one has me totally puzzled…I am about to just rip it out and start with a different pattern…

I just printed it out to give it a try with some scrap yarn. It’s really pretty. I’ll let you know how it goes.

ETA: Hey! Look at this! It looks just like yours from this angle.

Why would that make a difference in how the pattern looked in the end???

WOW…you are right! That is so weird!! Thanks for finding that! I guess it looks as it should :cheering:


Yeah, it’s the angle of the pictures is all…

I just tried it and mine looks the same as yours so it’s all good! I love this pattern stitch, too. The twisted stitch makes a very cool, reversible pattern!

Karrie, I just read your message and went to the pattern link. The design looks like something I was playing with last night only there is more space between the raised verticle rows. I will get back with you after I try it. It would also make a nice sweater design. A lot of texture there. - Sahara

I’ve been working on the same pattern with Malabrigo, and it looks exactly like yours.

Love your yarn, BTW; what is it?

Karrie, I always think your knitting looks so beautiful! :smiley: