Why Do These Things Happen to Me?

You know…a girl just cannot seem to get a break. Here’s how my day started.

I decided to get an early start at work, so I left for work straight from taking my daughter to school. I work at a law firm with a couple of branch offices, and today was the day that I visit one of them. The office occupies the top floor of a bank, and there are other businesses on the other floors.

So, I go, use my key to let myself in to the elevator, and proceed to punch in the elevator code that’s required for our floor (we’re special, you know). Well, nothing happens. Being a computer tech does not necessarily mean I’m always tech savy…although I do pretty good. I punch in the code again and hit the button of the floor I want. Nothing. The elevator goes up, and then goes down. Someone enters the elevator.

“What floor,” I ask.

“Four,” they say.

Ok. I hit the button. They stare. They are trying to figure out why I am already on the elevator and why I’m not getting off when they do. Yeah, I like riding elevators. It’s a lot cheaper than going to Disney.

So, after they get off, I try to enter the code again. The buttons all have two numbers, so I think that maybe to get to the number I need, I’m supposed to hit that button twice. Nope. Down I go.

The doors open, and there’s two people waiting to get on.

I wave good morning to them. :waving: They give me weird looks.

“What floor?” I ask.

“Four,” they say, looking at me from the corners of their eyes and standing real close to one another.

I feel the need to explain, so I tell them I’m trying to get to — floor.

“Oh, the one that needs the code?” Yeah. I lamely explain that the code must have been changed. Uh huh, right. I don’t think they really believed me. They get off, looking behind them. I think they were making sure I wasn’t going to follow them.

So, do you think I would get off of the elevator at some point? Oh no…that would be too easy. I keep trying…all combinations of numbers. I’m surprised an alarm did not go off. Once, I even pressed the numbers of the floors instead of the special keypad. Yep…I got to stop on every floor.

Oh, and normally, there are several people at work early. But not today…oh no, that would mean that Nathalie is having a good day.

Finally, after about the 10th trip up and down that elevator (and I was starting to feel sick…I’m dumb…should have just gotten off), one of our employees arrives. She doesn’t have the code either. We ride. To no avail. She calls the person who has the code. He’s on his way in and won’t divulge the info. Great. So we waited…OUTSIDE the elevator. We finally got to our offices. And you know what, it wouldn’t have mattered if I had the newer code because they changed the locks on the doors of our floor, so I would have still been stuck! Grrr…

And you know what…my day got worse and worse.


Thanks for letting me share. I’m more stressed than you can possibly know. The computers at work are having fits, I’m working from home…despite the fact that I choose to work part-time so I can do things with my family and finish up assignments for school. I found out I made a 75 on my mid-term and an 80 on my paper. I’m a straight-A student, so this bothers me. It’s my last term, and I want my A’s. My final in one of my classes is gonna stink, and the professor won’t provide lecture notes because he doesn’t use them…“That’s for amateurs,” he told me yesterday on the phone. Sorry, but I’m a novice.


Anyhow, I thought the elevator story was funny…until the rest of the day started happening.

Well dang!! Eat dinner and go to bed. When you wake up tomorrow, it will be a LOT better!! I hate those days that just seem to go and go and go wrong!!

:hug:These things happen to all of us, not only you! As if your work was not enough, stupid “Dilbert moments” have to make it harder and more annoying… :doh:

Reminds me of the company I work for. One morning, I get there and security tells me I can’t have access to the building. It seems their security department changed their policy without telling anyone. This company is an hour by bus from my place, it was snowing like crazy, my feet were all wet from the slush, and it’s a 20 minutes walk to the bus stop. :wall: I was grumpy enough, I didn’t want to go back home. In the end we had to call a manager and they finally let me in. :wall:

Another example, it took about 2 months to get my email working when using their wireless network. Seems the firewall was blocking their own email server. :wall:

sorry you had a rough day. Hopefully you got some purty flowers for Valentine’s day or dinner provided…
Don’t feel alone in the whole code changing thing, I work per diem as a second job so I work crazy hours when few other people are around and in hosp’s and nursing homes there are all these security codes to enter different wings or for when you leave the building to walk with a resident outside and I can’t tell you how many times I have set ALARMS off and brought people running just to hear me say - OOPS, sorry, the code changed…


Is there any fondle-worthy yarn lying about nearby? I find that always helps a bit…:mrgreen:

What a pain! It’s kind of funny you were playing doorwoman to the people travelling on the elevator though, but I’m sure after the 3rd time it got PRETTY annoying.
The lecture note thing can be pretty annoying too. I had very few profs who provided lecture notes. I became a really good note taker, but it was pretty frustrating when they’re talking too fast, or quietly or you just miss something. I had a lot of art history classes and we had to know the slides, but this one teacher refused to put the slides online (I don’t think she knew how) and so we had to go to the slide library and sit and look at them on our own. This was VERY inconvenient, especially since it was only open limited hours and EVERY other teacher put slides online…
Sorry about that rant. My point is that profs can be aggrivating, especially when it comes to lecture materials. They think that lecture notes would make it “easy” for people, or that people wouldn’t go to class. In my graduate program now the teacher puts all the notes up, and I have missed 1 day since September. I don’t think they realise that the people that will be committed to the class will go no matter what, and those who aren’t would miss it regardless.

Awww Chicky, I am sorry to hear you had a bad day! How about a nice big :hug: to help you out. Because it is Valentine’s Day I am sending you some special “friendly love” to get you through the evening. It’s a good idea to climb into your favourite pair of pj’s and snuggle up with something hot to drink and some yarn to fondle, perhaps watch a funny movie, and then go to bed. Tomorrow things will look brighter!

No…unfortunately, I don’t live in a place with a real LYS. The closest one is 2 hours away.

We’re going to Las Vegas for a soccer tournament in March, and believe you me…I’ve already mapped where the nearest yarn store is. I plan on treating myself heartily!

Oh, and I did just order some new circs from KP (along with two books) in anticipation of the end of class. I’m going to teach myself how to knit socks ML and on 2 circs. :thumbsup:

Today sure was a Calgon day, though…


Actually, the elevator thing was comical…annoying too, cause I couldn’t clock on even though I was in the building! Made me think of the cartoon with the little guy who, in that little weird voice says, “Going down?” :teehee:

As far as the lecture notes…

I take my college classes online. For the most part, the professors have been great. Some have been absentee, but I haven’t cared. This one professor sounds like he’s on death’s door. With online classes, you never meet your professors, and you really don’t talk to them over the phone. I had this professor last term, and he was always nice to me when I called (the first time in two years of taking classes that I ever called a professor). But his exams were like something you would take if you were getting your Ph.D., which I’m not. Ridiculous – the amount of information I’m supposed to absorb.

He’s also teaching this class in real life, which is why I asked if he has any lecture notes. Nope. He told me that he’s been doing this for many years. Yeah, like back to the age of cavemen. :teehee:

I did crawl out of the work clothes and into my jammies and nice big robe that my dd got me for Christmas (did you ever see the big white ones at Bath & Body Works? That’s the one she got me.).

The funny thing is that I place high demands on myself. While I was taking a potty break in the reading room, I read a chapter of the childrearing book I’m in the middle of (Shepherding a Child’s Heart). Although the book is about raising children, I found one part really applicable to me. The standards I place on myself (all A’s) are not Godly. They are worldly standards. It’s okay not to make all A’s.


A little relief. So true…I’m stressing myself over something I shouldn’t.

And the work thing…well, it’s just another day, eh?

Thanks, all. As I sat in the potty at work (yep…I guess I spend a lot of time there, eh? Drink a ton of water is why…not that you needed to know that)…

Anyhow, while I was in there and almost in tears (almost cause I didn’t want to ruin my makeup), I thought about y’all. I was thinking…if I post this, here’s what people will tell me…

Funny, eh?

Then, I prayed. I can only do so much, and God will get me through each moment.

The computer system still isn’t fixed (lawyers do not like missing their emails, by the way). Other stuff’s not fixed. But it’s okay.

It just all got to me today.

Thanks for listening.

Oh, and you know, I originally intended to tell the story as a way to make y’all laugh. I sure did not mean to turn into a “Woe is me” thing. Sorry y’all had to listen to me whine.

Y’all are the BEST!


P.S. Nathalie is rambling…she’s tired.

i know how professors can be. And i have to say, you should be INCREDIBLY proud of your grades as it is, i am full time student part time work, and i cant even pull that off. you make me feel like a slacker! lol. im just not good at the whole school thing, i struggle with time management, but i am slowely improving.

:hug: you’re not alone! (:grphug: [I]and[/I] i’ve been there much too recently.)

if you like reading (and don’t mind figuring out what people were saying at the turn of the 19th century), you might like Jane Austen. i think it’s the perfect way to relax after any kind of stress. there’s always a good ending, and knowing that makes the journey easier and more enjoyable. in fact, i’m going to go re-read some right now. :wink:

I’ll get back to reading…eventually. I’m so burned out on it that the only thing I want to read is a knitting pattern. :thumbsup:

James Patterson will find his way back on my nightstand, though. :wink:

I hope you have a better day today :hug:

You’re so sweet! Thank you!

I’m actually happy right now. I had sent an email to the students in my class, asking if anyone wanted to split the questions and share the answers so we wouldn’t have to spend so much time working on them and then studying them.

I’ve had seven people respond. With me included, that’s eight. So, I only have to answer two of the 14 questions. I guess study groups are normal in college, but when you go online, you don’t do study groups. This is our “virtual study group,” if you will.

What was neat was watching the emails pour in last night…people wanting to join. Ahhhh…

Now, hopefully everyone will keep up their end of the bargain.

Off to work…

Y’all have a good day!

wow, how weird.

:hug: Hope you have a better day!

P.S. I’ve spent many an hour in my law office’s bathroom trying to get a minute to myself–its the only place an attorney WON’T follow [although one stands outside the door and WAITS for me!:teehee: ]