Why do St st in circular needles is... twisted?

Hi. Its been a loooong since I write here. Feels nice that this place wont go even if I do…

I learned to knit in the Combined method. I’ve always knit like that. Since I like to try new things Im trying to knit Continental Style (catching the front part of the loop). I knit a bluse in St st in circular needles with the Continental method and the whole resutl was… like de Pizza Tower, totally twisted.

The stitches in the cast on arent in the same… “column” that the stitches in the collar. If you follow them with your finger they are ther, but if you tray to flatten the bluse the collar goes right and the cast on goes left.

What am I doing wrong?

I want to knit a Charli Brown sweater, with the zigzag across, and if I do it in circular needles Im afraid it will get my twisted Continental disease. But If I do it in straight needles I will need to join both front and back for the zig zag section and all the stitches will look different.

I saw all the videos, and cant find the solution.

Does any one have a diagnosis for muy twisted stitches?


Because you knit combined, you knit into the back leg so they’re not twisted because of the way you wrap your purl stitches. So you need to knit into the front leg of the sts when you knit in the round. Look at the regular continental knit stitch and do it that way.

Thanks for answering so fast! Ive done exactly that with the blouse. Knit in to the front of the leg and the result was the twisting. I thought it could be the way I wrap the yarn… but Im wraping it as the Continental video shows.

When I knit Continental in straight needles I dont have a problem, but in circular needles everithing gets twisted.

Are you sure you didn’t join twisted at the start? Quite easy to do.

I think her sts are twisted, not the knitted piece. But won’t know for sure until she comes back.