Why do I run out of stitches on the 1st row of this pattern?

My pattern says cast on 36 stitches. But when I do the 1st row there aren’t enough stitches to finish it. What am I getting wrong here?! Help would be very very much appreciated… Thank you!

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It might be the way you’re doing the yf (yarn over). Bring the working strand of yarn to the front between the needles and then over the right needle to the back. That’s it. It doesn’t use a stitch.

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How many stitches are you short? That can help figure out the why, sometimes.

K1, yf, k16, yf, [k1,yf] twice, k16, yf, k1.

I bolded the number of knit stitches and the italicized part is k1 twice. The count seems right to me. 1+16+1+1+16+1=36.

Are you aware that yf is the same as yo? If you’re doing something with a stitch when you yf/yo your count will be definitely be off.

I am overwhelmed with your generosity. Thank you so much! What a wonderful forum. You are both absolutely right… I have been stitching the stitch when I yarn forward… Beginner! Thank you both x Lizzie

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Guess why I thought you might be “doing something with a stitch when you yf/yo.” I learned about that right here on Knitting Help.

They (@GrumpyGramma and @salmonmac) are awesome teachers aren’t they???:heart::heart::heart: