WHY do I Need to Increase Evenly?

I am knitting a cable afghan from the “Done By Monday” booklet. The instructions state to:

Cast on 112. Work in garter at for 8 rows, increasing 12 sts evenly across last row to 124 sts.

My question is WHY do they want me to increase across the last row (before starting the cables)?? Why can’t I just cast on 124 at the very beginning??? Will it come out any different??

What are your thoughts???

Cables pull the fabric in. If you don’t increase before you start them then your ends will be wider than the rest of the afghan.

THANK YOU GG!!! I never could figure that out before!!:muah:

I was able to find a website that figured out for me exactly where to do the increases!!!


[B]C :heart: :heart: L[/B] I’m glad it made sense. My explanations often don’t. What I know and feel and how to put it into words often are worlds apart. Happy knitting.

I came across the suggestion, and I think it was here, that you can actually do the increases as you set up for the cables. You would put the increases in the stitches that are to be crossed. Again, that may or may not make sense.