Why do I keep getting holes on one side of my short rows?

One side comes together just fine with no gap/hope and the other side has a giant hole!!!

What am I doing wrong? Please help.

When you just turn and go back in the middle of a row, the stitches pull apart, right? That’s why we have to do the wrap and turn, then a k2tog/p2tog later. The k2tog joins the two on either side of the gap, so I wonder whether you are forgetting the decrease on one end?

If you put the sock on your foot, would the holes be on the left or the right side of your heel?

Have a look at the sock and try to see what is happening with the holes.


Are you doing longies or socks?

A great set of instructions (with pictures) can be found here. I love these directions, the SR are practically invisible when you’re finished. :slight_smile:



I am knitting longies, and I am also doing the wrap but on the last wrap when I go to knit the wrap and wrapped stitch together it doesn’t close up like the previous side…

But after I posted this I watched the video on this site again and I think I was putting the needle the wrong way into the stitch or something… I am not sure but whatever I did when I re-did it sort of fixed it.

Did that make sence at all???

Thanks for the help!

Oh. I can’t do them wrapped. The 2nd wrap always had either a gaping hole or a big square of yarn, y’know?

I just turn, purl to the other marker, turn knit until there’s 1 stitch before the gap, slip that stitch purlwise, take the left needle, pick up the stitch directly underneath from the back. Put the slipped stitch back on the left needle, knit the slipped stitch normally, knit the next 2tog (picked up stitch and the one right after).

When you get around to 1 stitch before the 2nd gap (should be 1 after the marker if you use them), slip it onto the right needle KNITwise, use the right needle and pick up the stitch directly under the next stitch on the left from the back, put it on the left needle, move the slipped stitch back and knit the 2tog through the back, then keep knitting as normal.

The link I gave you to Ruth’s instructions is a lot clearer, though. :teehee: