Why do I have to be at work?

Oh yes, to pay for the yarn.

I so want to leave and go to the yarn store. I checked the weather for Saturday and the forecast is 59 and rain. My DD (almost 3) and I are doing Race for the Cure. So, due to current weather forecast, we need cute pink knit hats. Must go to yarn store now! Must make new hats by Saturday morning.


I use to do walks like that never runs but now most aren’t done in my town and as I don’t drive and 90% seem to be on Sundays, the options have been limited. On Sundays the busses in my area do not run. So, if it isn’t in town, I can’t get there.

I try to take a walk every day, I don’t always succeed. I don’t walk for speed but for endurance. Which confuses a lot of my friends. Speed is easier to understand. What is endurance good for? lol Doc orders : do not participate in any activity that leaves you winded or breathing heavy. So speed is out for me lol

Good luck on your outing with your DD. Have fun!

Love that cause- me and mine ra 5km for Breast Cancer Research, great feelig. Hope your hats turn out great and you don’t get too wet :slight_smile:

I’d rather be at home working on a sweater for my mom. Oh well! Such is life for the working gal!

I did the 5km run for breast cancer too (Race for Life), last three years running. Its such a good cause. I didn’t run, I tried but didn’t get very far. The point is that I did it not how quickly I did it. The second time I did it we were in the rain and it was really muddy. My friends and I were told off by people for running through puddles and getting them muddy - I didn’t have the heart to tell them they were already muddy. It was so much fun in the rain tho! We started off kinda cold and annoyed but then we just decided to make the best of it and ended up having a really good time. In fact it was better in the rain than in the sun. The atmosphere is always great, everyone is getting together to raise money for a common cause so everyone is really supportive and cheering you on.

Good luck with your race.

Now I remember why I need to be at work. My boss needs to ask SOMEONE to type as fastasyoucan with your bionic fingers so he could get his report out before the mail goes out.

Yes, he really did ask me that. Gotta love 'em!!! :mrgreen: (Good thing I’m the mail girl too.)