Why do I have holes in my knitting?

This is the back piece of my polo shirt. Although I am getting the right gauge, why does the piece have holes in it? This happens frequently in the other things I’ve knitted. I think it might be because I’m a loose knitter? :shrug:

Anyway, do you think it would be okay for the shirt? The one in the book I’m knitting from doesn’t have any holes at all.

i had that with the last thing i knitted but when i blocked it it seemed to work itself out. Not sure why I haven’t mad enough stuff to know if this happens regularly. I am sure someone will know the whole answer.

Dont put your work down before you have finished your row I have made that mistake many times and it creates holes!! Usually they come out when the work has been blocked. Good Luck

I wonder if you are using a yarn that is finer than the one called for, and although you are getting the correct number of stitches per inch there is more space between stitches?

I enlarged your knitting and looked at it closely. There could be some other things going on at least in places. If you ever get a chance to have an experienced knitter watch you while you knit, they may be able to notice something about the way you are knitting that is causing this. Good luck.

Yes, it might be that I’m using a finer yarn; that’s what I thought too. Also, the yarn I’m using is mercerized cotton, not normal cotton like the pattern wants. Normal cotton, I think, fits more closely.

All great tips. The only other thing I can think of is if you’re using recycled wool (undone from another project). This is often a little stretched of course from previous work and if you’re knitting a purl when it was a knit in the last item that can change the shape a little and create holes. These usually resolve with blocking.

Looking again at your image, there are sections where your tension does look a little different but I can understand the question about whether you’re using a finer yarn than what the pattern required because that will tend to alter the look of tension too. It’s great you showed an image with that much work on it too btw :slight_smile:

It’s not recycled yarn, but I’ll keep that in mind :-P. And yes, the tension changed because not only did I try to pull the yarn tightly, but I also switched from using 3.75 to 3.25, and then 3.00 needles, because of the gauge change. I had the right guage with 3.75 on the sleeves though :shrug:.

Is it also because I’m a loose knitter? If so, will I have to tighten up?

By the way, does it look bad? Is it wearable? Should I start all over again with a different yarn?

I also zoomed in on the pic, and it appears to me that every other row seems to be the problem, so possibly one is tighter than the other. i know a lot of people knit tighter than they purl, so this could be the problem. if so, i believe blocking will fix most if not all of it.

Ahh…yes…changing the needle size would have exaggerated the problem. The knitting at the top near your circs/needles is not showing the same problem in the main as compared to the bottom is it. I think what you’re seeing now…near the needles, is the right tension basically but with a slightly finer yarn than intended (you agree with that earlier in response to MerigoldinWA).

Blocking will resolve a lot of the issues however if you’re really unhappy with the bottom of this piece I think you need to undo and start over and just stick with the needles you’re now using. Doing this won’t be a problem for the yarn :slight_smile: (referring to my previous post).

In the future perhaps swatch and use that to experiment with needles rather than doing so much work on your main item? A learning curve :slight_smile: :hug:

Thanks for the great advice, everyone :). I’ll just give this to my aunt and make a new one afterwards for myself :cheering:.

:slight_smile: Just remember if you DO go a thicker yarn next time then you’ll perhaps change needles again so please swatch If you really like the yarn you have and find it cool for your climate, then now you know the right needles to use.


i also noticed that this happened with the back of a sweater i did, as the item gets larger and pulls more on the needles, my tension changed… i end up putting a pillow on my lap to help keep the tension consistent. I’ve also been known to knit with the item resting on the table so that I can stay consistent with my tension when i was shaping the neck of the sweater…