Why do I do this to myself?

Its time to make my son some new house shoes…Not because of them wearing out by the way, for those looking for some house shoes to make, they are too small. (fiber trends felted clogs, I swear by these things. I have 2 pair myself!!)

So Im sitting in my chair knitting and thought to myself, wouldnt it be cool to sew him some pj pants to match?? So I went and got some John Deere material to sew my son some new pj pants. (the shoes are Green and Yellow. My son is infatuated with tractors. these have already been dubbed his “John Deere Shoes” lol)

Now i would have to live to be older than dirt to finish all the projects i have already and I go and add new ones to the que.

I have never been acused of having brains i guess…I will have to make myself not add anything till ive got a few of these things done i guess…(YEA RIGHT:roll: )

I guess i just needed to get that off my chest lol

Thanks for reading…

You are in good company I’d say!

We are all cut from the same cloth!!!

I think we’re all that way, then we come here, and look at the projects the others are doing and think “Oh! I have the perfect yarn for that!” And thus is another line added to our already too long lists…

We may be insane, but the company is good. :woot:

yup, you are in good company. We all certainly understand about the LONG list of projects we want to do … and yes, we all continue to add to that list!

I have 3 container’s full of yarn but just had to buy 2 new skeins yesterday to make a sweatband for my Grandson. (found a great pattern I couldn’t resist making before basketball season is over) I’ve been wanting to knit something with designs & color changes & uses wool. This fit the bill.

Creative people just never quit thinking about the next project, even when they’re 20 projects behind. I used to teach craft & quilting classes & for as long as I can remember it’s been this way & I’m 62.:wink:

Just enjoy the process. You’ll eventually catch up or pass on your unfinished projects to others. A well known quilter once told me she places projects in gift boxes with someone else’s name on them to be passed on if she dies! Then it’ll be their worry.:woot:

I think you have a very lucky son!!!:hug:

Count me in! I’ll never live long enough to make everything I want to make. :teehee: