Why do I do this to myself

For some reason, I bought five balls of this on clearance. It’s the yellow one. Yes, the blinding yellow. Any ideas? Can you dye acrylic/wool blends?

Did you have a plan in mind when you bought it? It would be a pretty color for a hat/scarf/mittens set or kids sweater I think.

Know anyone with gold as one of their school colors? You could make a school colors knit hat/scarf set.

If you know any kids you can make them the bumble bee sweater, just need some black yarn (I know it’d pain you to buy more yarn).

If you try to dye it, the wool will take the color well, but I doubt the acrylic will. It might make an interesting variegated shade, though.

If you stick with the yellow, I think it would make a good sweater for a child or young teen. Or, it could work as a tank top for adults. It would probably look good under another color top.

Looks like the yellow in a Hudson’s Bay Blanket. You could make a cream sweater/cardigan and put in a yellow stripe, one red, one green, etc. … Nevermind you bought lots, didn’t you! :shrug:

Makes me think of this :smiley: