WHY do I do it to myself?

Well, I caved and went to the HUGE craft fair on the weekend…

What did I buy???

4 skeins (=200g) of Icelandic silk to knit a jacket/hat for Rohan for his Naming Day ceremony (civil service version of a Christening)
3 hanks (=300g) Cotton Chenille so I can make Rohan a Baby Bobbi Bear
1 hank of 2ply mohair to make Rohan a few sideways knitted T’s (SO CUTE) which will fit him up to about 9mths…

This is, of course, on top of the matinee set I’ve started and all the other odds and sods I plan to sew & knit… :S


:roflhard: It all sounds wonderful though! I can’t wait to see the FO’s!

You do it to yourself for the same reasons as all the rest of us.

You don’t see skeins and hanks, you see jackets and T-shirts and hats. Your son’s going to be the best-dressed baby in all the world, and I can’t wait to see the pictures!

Best of luck!

I love your son’s name! Very cool!

This is how we all end up with stashes isn’t it? What a great day you had and as AA said, we see the finished objects :XX: , not the yarn. Good for you!

WE understand completely, Tia! :wink:

Mama, you were just doin’ what you had to do. :wink:

Sounds fabulous =D

It’s the best reason in the world to buy yarn!! :cheering:

Don’t even question yourself! Just enjoy it! :happydance:

Sounds wonderful!!

:smiley: You did bc you love him/and you love to knit :wink:

I love fairs! Especially if they have lots of fiber or yarn to buy! :happydance: