Why didn't I buy this sooner? Add yours

I love my ball winder. I bought it at Stitches West maybe 2 weeks ago.
Today, I used it for the first time. I unraveled 3 commercial sweaters to use the yarn. Was only planning to do one sweater. But it is fun. The yarn looks sooooo pretty in neat little cones. Yes, this ball winder has turned me into a mad woman. Hunting around for something else to take apart.

Why didn’t I buy one sooner?

So it made me wonder.
What other gadgets make knitting easier?

What do you wish you discovered sooner?

Tea cosy. The one I had (that I loved) went missing when I moved. They are expensive, so I didn’t buy one for a long time and instead, wrapped my teapot in towels lol.

I’m not advanced enough as a knitter to knit one, eh?

My Denise interchangeables. They’re all I use now.

Addi Turbos, love them.

Me too on the Addi Turbos. They slide so quickly, knitting goes faster.

I also adore the circular needles, which are relatively new to the knitters’ market, right? For years I struggled on 4 needles, or even two for a long blanket or shawl.

I don’t know what an addi turbo is. :aww:

My KP Options. I wouldn’t have had to spend so much time futzing with the cheapos with the insane cables!

Really nice, really expensive circular needles. :wink:

I’m with Jan, my KP Options !

Noobknitter, If you knit two squares and seam 3 sides you will have a tea cosy! You could even leave a slot on one side for the spout. :slight_smile: You can make almost anything out of a few squares !

[quote=Really nice, really expensive circular needles. ;)[/quote]

Which explains why I don’t know what they are. :wink:

KP OPTIONS!!! :woohoo:

Just wonderful!

Ruthie :slight_smile:

Is that the nickel-plated interchangeables???

I love my Knit Pick Harmony interchangeables. I adore circulars now.

Yes, Options are nickel plated, Harmonys are wood, Zephyrs are acrylic.

I definitely couldn’t live without my KPoptions, but I pretty much bought those 4 weeks after I started knitting… so I don’t feel like I waited too long ;o)

I’m absolutely in love with my swift and winder though! It’s just so nice to be able to wind yarn only when you’re ready to use it :o)

Whereabouts can those winders be found?

I actually ordered my swift and winder both from knitpicks.com

One of my main considerations was “what if it breaks” - as I’ve seen quite a few winders break at LYSs… which is why I ordered from knitpicks, I just KNOW the amazing customer service will replace anything that breaks no questions asked!

They also have a very reasonable (imo) price.

Links to both:

I got my ball winder on eBay, a Jumbo for about $35 (US).

I notice the comments on the Addi, they are great needles but as said expensive. I love Hiya Hiya needle and am falling in love with their interchangeable. about 1/2 the price of the Addi and almost as good.

I have to say, my Addi circulars…life is much easier with my Addi’s!!
Just bought KP Options yesterday so they are on the way to me…jury still out on those, but I couldnt live without my Addi’s.

I think that’s the point of this thread. I really wouldn’t have thought that an expensive needle would make such a huge difference in the ease of my knitting. But they certainly do! And I truly wish I would have let myself spend the money for that level of quality a whole lot sooner! Now, I own several Addi’s turbo circs, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!