Why can't you use towels when you felt?

Dear Ones,

I’ve finished knitting my Noni Adventure Bag and now it’s time to felt it. However, theres not a pair of old jeans to be had. I’m too good at getting rid of things that no longer fit and really, if there is a pair of jeans around that I can felt with, I can’t find it.

However, I have plenty of old towels to spare.

I have heard not to use towels when felting and I was wondering why this is.

Anyone know? I’m itching to get this thing felted already! :tap:



I think lint and weight - they’re not that heavy?
but maybe if you put it in a pillowcase it wouldn’t matter.
I’ve felted things all by themselves before.

Its the lint. If you felt with towels, the lint from the towels will embed into the felted fabric and will never come out.

But, the good news is that you don’t have to use old jeans. Nothing happens to your jeans at all, other than they get washed. I don’t have any “old” jeans either so I just use a few pairs of my regulars. No problems what-so-ever.

I use old towels all the time. I just put my item to be felted inside of a zippered pillowcase so the towel lint doesn’t get to my felting.

and i use old, worn towels.

i don’t use jeans because you use such hot water and i really don’t like seeing how much dye comes out of the jeans when they’re washed in hot water.

I use towels for felting all the time… its a good idea to put your items-to-be-felted in a zippered pillowcase, anyway, because you dont want the fibers to gum-up your washing machine works. :thumbsup:

Thought I’d add my 2 cents worth…
try using tennis balls - they help create alot of aggitation and you don’t have to worry about the lint from towels or the dye from the jeans. It has always woked well for me. But you should have seen the look on husband’s face when he saw me taking tennis balls out of the washer… :teehee: :teehee: :teehee:


I find my old, worn-out, too-small, washed many times before jeans work fine too and don’t bleed hardly at all, even in the hot water.

since I felt in a front loader I put a set of plastic measuring cups in the bag with the item to help agitate the wool.

For felting, I keep on hand two old pairs of jeans that were my dd’s from years ago. If you preferred jeans, you could also pick up a couple old pair from a thrift store to keep on hand for that purpose.

Also, to save on electricity (we’re all electric), I never bother drying the old jeans I use to felt. I just hang them over the shower rod, or sometimes piled on top of the washer, until they’re dry. I then pack them away on a shelf along with my zippered pillowcase until my next felting project.