Why can't they be this cute all the time?

Oh gosh they are sooooooooo beautiful!

Thanks for the smile.

Now I really want to take a nap with the pooch. Sigh

is there room on the couch for me? I’ll bring chew toys!

they’re just resting up so they can act like wild lunatics later…

That’s awesome they lay together !! I so want my dogs to curl up together, but the older dog is afraid of the new puppy. She wants to cuddle, but she is a wiggle worm and I think that kind freaks the old dog out that one minute she is asleep and then next she is running about like a wild child. He has arthritis real bad and cannot get up too fast to react so he likes to keep her at an arms length.

Thanks for sharing

:heart: What a beautiful picture! So cute! It makes me want to nap too. :shifty:

love the brindle!

how cute!!