Why can't i lesrn this stitch?

[color=violet][/color][size=6][/size]i need help to know the purl stitch and it’s bugging me that i can’t get i need help!!! :frowning: :XX:

Forgive me if this sounds ridiculous but did you watch the purl video on this site?

And in case you don’t know where to find those videos…


Hang in there. Watch Amy’s video over and over and do it with her.

Work a swatch of just purl stitches. It will come.

I’m glad as a beginner you are working to learn this stitch. It will open up a great knitting world to do this.


aw :frowning: hang in there, I practiced purling off and on for 4 MONTHS (yes I was totally purlically-challenged, more so than anyone I’ve ever heard of, I bet) but finally got it. keep practicing. good luck. :heart: