Why can't I knit this?


I’m trying to knit this scarf and I just cannot do it! Honestly I’ve tried nearly ten times!

I’ve never really knitted lace before and I’m struggling to make sense of the pattern. I keep ending up with way too many stitches.

Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong? I’d really like to knit this one and it’s driving me CRAZY!

After casting on the sts, use a life line, and I would place a marker every time your repeat the part in brackets.

Are you doing the double yarn over correctly?

What’s your problem more specifically… which row do you have problems on, too many sts left over, not enough left over…?

A common mistake in lace is to make a YO as wrap the yarn [B]and[/B] knit 1. You just wrap the yarn. This pattern has a dbl YO where you wrap the needle twice, and on the next row you purl into the first loop, and knit into the 2nd one.

Ha! It’s the very first row I’m having trouble with. I ended up with 61 sts, I was supposed to have 53.

Perhaps it is my double yarn over that is the problem. I think I’m knitting one after my YOs too. I’ll give it another shot.


At the bottom of this link in the KH videos is an example of how to do YO’s. Check that out, too.

When I first started doing yarn-overs I would wrap the yarn and then knit one thinking that was a single “yarn-over”. In reality that was two stitches, not one. Not sure if that’s what you’re doing, but if so it’s a common mistake.

Once you figure it out I would def. do a lifeline about every ten rows.
That way, if your frog, you won’t have to take out as much.

Thanks everyone!

I got it now! It’s coming along really nicely!

i would use larger needles and yarn
just to practise
sometimes when you try something out
before the acutal piece it becomes clear