Why can't I just decide on what to knit!?!

I will spend days,weeks even looking at patterns.I’m a newbie knitter and a very indecisive person,so that’s not helping.I think part of it is that I’m looking for quick projects because I’m a very impatient person.I NEED to start knitting some Christmas stuff though…Any tips on how to decide and STICK WITH IT!!!It’s like I’m looking for THE PERFECT PATTERN:aww:

I am the very last person that needs to be asked that question. I’ve got SO much stuff started its no longer funny.

If you are looking for quick easy gifts go with dish/wash cloths. They take very little yarn and most can be don in a day.

Personally, when I can’t decide on something to knit, I just knit a skinny scarf. They are easy and I can finish them fast. I don’t even use a pattern, I just knit what ever comes to mind. This gives me practice and just helps get the needles moving. When I first stared knitting, all I did was look at patterns and buy yarn. At some point you just need to knit.

Presently, I have several projects started, but I feel really satisfied when I finish something. I like to have a big project on the needles and several small one. My husband told me the other day that I have “knitting ADD” (attention deficit disorder). But I like so many patterns and I DO finish them at some point.

You better get stared Christmas will be here before you know it and you’ll be wishing you had started some handmade gifts.

When you finish a project post it to the Whatcha knitting forum and wait for the encouragement to come from all these awesome knitters. Post it even if it’s a simple hat or garter stitch scarf.

I agree…I wish I’d found dishcloths earlier! It’s great practice :knitting:

And there’s so many free patterns…Have fun!

i agree, dishcloths are my major project for when in between bigger projects. it seems like i always have two going, one by bed upstairs and one downstairs by chair. i love this site for looking for all kinds of ideas, i’ve found baby shower gift ideas and dishcloths. best part of stocking up on cloths is that i give them out for Christmas since people always ask for them, perfect time to pass them out.


hope it helps, if i did it right that is.

I’m the worst, I have so many project started and the yarn for probably 10 more. If I get bored with one project I switch to something different. If there are a couple patterns you like, yet the yarn for them and start them when you feel like it. When you get bored, start another until you are motivated to finish the first one.

Dishcloths are the best practice knitted items. They’re small so if you have to frog in the middle it’s not as bad as frogging in the middle of a technical scarf :frog: AND since they ARE small they are quick - therefore you don’t get bored as easy and itchy to start something new. They’re great Christmas gifts too. Right now I am doing a bunch of washcloth sized ones for cousins. I’m going to make some homemade soap to go along with them :slight_smile:

As you can see you’re not alone! Here’s some ideas -


Scrubbie for dishes -

Kitchen towels

You could also take some of the pretty dishcloths and make them with a softer cotton for a nice facecloth and include a nice face soap.

Hats are my default quick and easy project.

Oh gosh - I’m too ADD to work on one project at a time. So I’m probably not any help. However, I think that small, quick projects are best for you you first start knitting. They make all the difference in how much confidence you have in your knitting. If you can complete projects successfully, your knitting confidence will soar! Good luck and welcome to our world!! :slight_smile:

For Christmas I’m doing washclothes (with nice soaps) and socks, socks and more socks (including pedicure socks that go with gift cards for pedicures).

I’m doing a pair of socks, then a washcloth, repeat until done. It seems like I’m not getting anywhere, but when I look at the pile of finished objects I’m pretty impressed with myself.

Just throw something on the needles and go forth!!!

thats a great idea, with the socks and everything. i love seeing my pile grow as well and i feel like i’ll be ready for any little extra surprise gift giving plus the ones i definitely giving too.

hey!great idea with the soaps and washcloths!I can either make the soaps or they’re not that expensive!That way I don’t have to knit for BIL,SIL and their 4 kids,I could just do a family gift maybe!Do cute little kid washcloths for the girls!hmm

And Knitting_Guy,I’ve got some hats on my list but I just can’t find a pattern to stick with:aww:

Hats! I taught myself to knit this summer and I have a pile of hats now…I even keep the crummy ones to wear around the house when it’s cold. I also like to knit scarves without a pattern–whatever comes to mind, and I can always rip it and start over if I don’t like it. As others have stated here, I just need to have [I]something to knit.[/I] It’s nice to have finished objects too, but I’ve got three or four things in progress so I rarely get bored.

I’d suggest starting with something quick, like a little scarf or a dishcloth, and once you get that “Wow, look what I made!” feeling, you’ll probably be on your way. Good luck!

I like to personalize some of my kitchen cloths when I’m doing them for gifts. This site has simple patterns with states, letters, numbers, Animals and Plants and much more…


I can’t decide because there are just too darn many choices!!! I have at least 2 projects going at once and sometimes frog something in the middle because I just don’t like it. Lately my standby has been dishcloths because I can give them away as gifts. That and scarves…

I am in the just cast something (or things) on camp.

I usually have several projects going at a time. I take the Frida poncho with me everywhere- it’s pretty mindless (except for the sometimes tricksy middles) or sometimes a cable scarf.

The Evangelines and the hat (and MS 4 once I get the smaller needles) are more stay at home projects since they’re either more complicated or on dpn’s which I don’t tend to take with me as much.

Hello All,

My name is Shideh and it is the first time I am using the site and posting a message. Not sure if it will get posted. I am new to knitting. Using it mostly for meditation:) Nice to meet you all ! Question: I started knitting a scarf. However, as it gets longer the two sides of the scarf role in and make the whole scarf look like a tube. Anybody has any suggestions? Is there a technique I can use to prevent this from happening? I am not familiar with knitting vocabulary yet so if you are posting an a reply, please use regular vocabulary and be as specific as possible. Appreciate your feedback:)