WHY can't I find these darn needles?

I have the quick and jiffy wool yarn I made a scarf for my 12 yr old. But I was going to make her a matching hat and to my first project with circulars.

The patterns calls for size 13 circs 16"

ALL the ones I find are 29"


So I if I did it with 29" with it make that much of a difference?

You’d have to make it 29" around, for one thing!

You can do it with a long needle if you use magic loop. www.yarnware.com has a large assortment of needles and is quite fast.

:roflhard: Yeah I don’ t think her head is quite that big. Shucks.

I do have straight ones… but darnit I wanted to try something on circs.


Here are directions for using magic loop, if you want to try that.

I’ve found that the only circulars in craft stores (Michaels, etc) are 29 inches. I had to go to a LYS to find any shorter ones. You could use double pointed needles!

oh cool thank you!

Yup Michaels is where I was hunting.


They have Size 13 16" circs at this website if you don’t mind waiting for shipping. I bought from them before and I believe their shipping prices are quite reasonable…even for overseas.

Ben Franklin’s carries size 13 16" circulars, if you have one of them around you.

Do you have a JoAnn’s near you! Ours just started carrying 16" bamboo circs a few months ago. I was so psyched…

I’m in the same boat. Need size 7 on 16".


You can always get them from my boyfriend

I get most of my circs at work {Wal-Mart}, we have 16", 24" and 29" in most sizes. I was actually quite shocked when I went to Michael’s to get “something or other” and saw how pitiful their selection was.

HEY! When did he become YOUR boyfriend…hmph!

(is it sick that i didn’t even have to click to know who you were talking about?)

I did get some 16" from Joann.com but i must confess that at some point i am going to replace those with addis too. the shafts just seem a little too short for me for some reason.

:doh: I knew my wonderland was cheating…darn that perky Julie!

did you try Carol’s site TaraKnits??? She has tons of needles!!!

Look in the advanced techniques section here. Amy shows how to do magic loop in a video.

Nicolegeek you must have a wonderful Wal-Mart. The selection at the one I shop at STINKS. I wish they carried more. I have interchangable needles now so it isn’t such a big deal but it would be nice if they carried a better variety of yarn.


Well of course it’s a wonderful WM… they have ME working for them don’t they??? :roflhard: Seriously though, I have to agree, the selection at WM SUCKS!!! Every time I turn around they are shrinking the entire department, and it seems that the crocheting/knitting/yarn/thread suffer the worst of it. The selection of “tools” isn’t the greatest, but it serves me pretty well. More often than not, I can get what I need there. My biggest problem is that I don’t care for the Red Heart brand of tools, I like Boye better for knitting, and can’t crochet with anything else but Boye; of course my WM is one of the ones that carries RH and not Boye. I have to go to a different onehere in town for that. We don’t have bamboo or anything fancy like the Silverlume, etc. I guess what I’d call it is that we have a “make do” selection. We don’t have exactly what you want, but you can make do most of the time.

16" 13 circulars here and she’s having a half off sale:


YOu know… I didn’t even think too look at Walmart :thinking: I just assumed if Michaels didn’t then the definitly wouldn’t.

I haven’t checked at JoAnns yet. I was going to go today but we got some snow and the roads are awful… and well I won’t EVEN go into the traffic :shock: