Why can't I figure this out?

I’m new here just now so not sure that I am doing this right. I have a question…I’m in the process of knitting a bath mitt using Lily “sugar’n cream” cotton yarn. I have several rows done and jus t reached a point where I knit 29 stitches in a row then am supposed to stop, turn the work and cast on one more stitch at that point. I have held these needles every which way and can’t for the life of me figure out how to “cast one” on in the middle of a row. Am I suppose to “increase” a stitch by just knitting into the back of that first stitch when I turn the work, or actually “cast on” as I do when I am first beginning a project??? I am confused, can anyone help me?

You can probably do a backward loop cast on–under ‘single cast on’ in the video section.


Just slip it on your right needle after you turn.

Or, knit a stitch and put it on your left needle instead of keeping it on the right one.