Why are some patterns free some are not?

I can’t figure this out. I knitted a sweater last month using the Lions Brand free pattern and the pattern was horrible with many errors. Is that the reason? The free ones are worse?

Not all free patterns have errors. I don’t really know why some are free. I suspect that the yarn sites are willing to post free patterns so you’ll buy their yarn to make them.

There are hundreds of free patterns www.knittingpatterncentral.com is a huge collection of them.

I think that people who don’t want to copyright their patterns and want to share them just post them for all to use.

Just the generous nature of knitters. :wink:

Why are ANY of somethings free, and some not? :shrug:

can you name a few things that are free :noway: ?

sure! flowers, books, chairs, refridgerators, yarn, advice, vegetables, conversation, dirt, movies, public television and radio…

It depends on whether the pattern (or whatever) is designed with the purpose of making money or not. For instance, you can pay money for a book by Dave Ramsey that will tell you how to save your money and get our of debt. OR you can talk to other people who have saved money and gotten out of debt and get the same story, for free.

Thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

I’ve had the opportunity to publish patterns, and I’ve been blessed to be able to do so…but, I find that it’s much more fun to offer them for free to fellow knitters :muah:

Thousands, actually. I’d give the exact count if I could figure out if my link checker displays the final total based on unique links or based on the quantity of links (as a fair amount of links are displayed in more than one category.)


I LOVE kpc…I go there before anywhere when looking for a pattern…it’s the best…THANKS, Rachel :cheering:

You’re welcome…couldn’t do it without all you designers. :teehee: