Why are my stitches twisting?

I am a acvanced beginner knitter. I learned how to knit English style out of a book I got from my Grandma. It was a general needlework book with a chapter on knitting (there is a <gasp> crocheted bikini in there heehee).
Anyway, a friend showed me how fast continental knitting is and I finally got it from watching the awesome videos on knitting help.
I started knitting the way she shows (insert the needle on the left side of the loop) and my stitches were twisting. I started inserting my needle as if to purl except in the back instead of the front and the stitches look fine.
I think I’ve been picking up the yarn the way she shows (front to back).

I have no clue why my stitches were twisting the other way.
Does anyone else know?

Thanks a bunch! :smiley:

Hi, I can’t visualize exactly what u mean. Is it possible that you were doing some combined knitting?

That is what I ended up doing so the stitches wouldn’t twist. I don’t know why they twisted in the first place, though. :??

Thanks for the reply. :cheering:

To twist a stitch, you knit or purl through the trailing leg instead of the leading leg.

Assume a needle is pointing right. The stitches sit on it with one leg in front and one in back. One of those legs is closer to the tip of the needle than the other. That’s the leading leg. The other leg is the trailing leg.

If you wrap the yarn counterclockwise around the needle, the resulting stitch will have the leading leg in front. If you wrap the yarn clockwise, the leading leg will be in back.

So at some point, you’re wrapping the yarn clockwise.

I am working a 2x2 rib on a sock cuff. The yarn for the new loop is going back to front so I think the rear of the stitch is the leading side of the stitch. is that the wrong way? How would I do it differently? Or should I not worry since I figured out how to make the product I want anyway? :??