Why are my stitches slanting?

Hello all!
I’m working on knitting a rag doll using fingering yarn and stocking stich on the individual pieces of the doll. I’m noticing my stitches are slanting every now and then and I can’t seem to fix it or figure out why. I’m making sure my stitches are lined up nicely on my needle before I knit, but they still seem to slant.
Any ideas?

Is there any way you can post a picture of what’s happening?

There was a post a long while ago about this. It has to do with the plies of your yarn. I’ll try to locate the thread.

Here is a Knitty article about how some kinds of yarn slant differently. Is this the problem you’re having?

That’s what I was looking for Jan! I hope that it helps.

i had a problem awhile ago with my stockinette stitch slanting. turns out i was wrapping my knit stitch backwards.:eyes:

I switched yarn and my stitches have straightened out, so I guess it was the yarn all along. Thanks for the help!