Why Are Knitting Podcasts All Coming Out At Once?

:flirt:I don’t listen to many knitting podcasts, frankly, most of them bore me to tears. Sometimes I use them to help me fall asleep. LOL

BUT, I keep checking iTunes for new ones and they seem to all come out at the same time! Yikes!

Oh well! Such is life! A happy and blessed weekend to the KH family! :wink:

I have to agree with you. Apparently it’s very “in” to do like text-book dry how-to-knit videos. Drove me bananas!

To me, knitting = love = warm fuzzies inside and out. Learn to knit from someone who cares, who can communicate the joy and caring that goes into every knitted project!

And knitting is also a wonderful way to de-stress yourself! But text-book style videos aren’t exactly the kind of de-stressing things I had in mind. :wink: More like, when the boss dumps on you, grab your knitting and spend 10 minutes by the water-fountain. Or elevators. Or lunch-room. Whatever.


If you are looking for a good non-put you to sleep pod cast the one by Kelley Pektin, Owner of Knit Picks is really good. Each week Kelley talks about whats on her needles, what books she’s read/reading, and she may have a guest on.

I like Lime n Violet, Y Knit, CRL with Vickie Howell, Stash and Burn … I too like more comical, fun knitting podcasts. I can’t be bothered listening to someone drone on and on about how to properly store your fiber in a monotone, school lesson kind of a way…

I really only listen to Knitpick’s podcast. It’s really good. :smiley: I had a day of house work the other day, and I turned the volume up so high I will pretend I didn’t, and listened to the episodes I have missed off and on for 4 -5 hours. :smiley: She’s really good.

Knit Picks is fabulous to start with and Kelley usually has some story or another to tell in her pod cast. Which reminds me I need to go get the newest episode.

I LOOOOOOOOOVE Kelly but she always sounds as if she’s reading from a script and it just drives me crazy. Let me reiterate, I do love her, she sounds like someone I’d like to get to know better! It’s not a knock against her at all!

I tried a few pod casts a while back, and wasn’t too impressed with most of them. Then I found Cast On with Brenda Dayne. I really like hers, she has a voice that is very nice to listen to.