Why am I watching this show?

I am finding myself saying – “Why am I watching this show?” It’s [I]Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern[/I]. I’m so nauseous watching him eat some things. I had to turn the channel. That’s what I get for having the tv on while I am visiting KH.

What shows do you find yourself asking the same question?

I was watching Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe last night on the Discovery channel. He was at a turkey farm where they were showing how they inseminated female turkeys. They also showed how they collected samples from the males. I kept saying to myself “this is disgusting!” and yet I still kept watching…

Oh gosh…I think I ask myself that question about many of the shows I watch…especially for the supposed “reality” shows. I think that I’m kind of curious…a people-watcher. It fascinates me the things people will do for money…how they will lower themselves to act in ways that are way beneath them just for a million bucks. Time that’s wasted, that’s for sure, but it makes for good knitting time.

I say the same thing to myself all the time. I was especially grossed out by Dirty Jobs when it first started coming on. But Mike Rowe is so easy on the eyes that I was able to overcome my queasiness. {Although last night, when he was at the sewage treatment place with the Monster Muffin machine that grinds up the solids in sewage I almost :ick: }

It’s like a auto accident on the side of the road, you can’t take your eyes away. I never willingly watch that show but sometimes I am flipping channels, come across it anc can go not further. Totally nauseating!!!

Last night I was flipping and found a show about Housewives in Atlanta on Bravo…I sat there last night watching that show and thinking why am I? The way they spend money :teehee:

JD came in not to long after that and wanted to watch TV so we watched Myth Busters

I saw part of that show once and it was too hard to watch. I have very simple tastes. :teehee:

I think I’m going to be saying that to if I find myself sucked in and watching tonight’s Presidential debates.


I say this almost every night ! I rarely pay any attention to the TV - I let the hubby pick most of the shows b/c I am usually doing 3 other things or knitting so I don’t really watch anyway. Mostly he watches the History channel or Discovery and the other night I said - What is this? and when I clicked the remote for the info and he was watching “The History of Dung.” There’s really nothing else to say.


It’s one of my husband’s favorite shows. Ack! I just can’t see the logic of watching someone stuff any ole thing down their gullet! :eyes:

I watch the Andrew Zimmern show too. I’m not ever going to eat bugs or brains, but I do love the adventure of vicariously visiting all the foreign countries and seeing the more tasty versions of their cuisine. Fortunately, not everything he tries is a gross-out. Some of it is just foreign.

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My dh watches it sometimes. It is gross isnt’ it? I can’t stand the show…I leave the room.

His Halloween show is next week & I know I’m definitely not watching that, just from the previews I’ve seen. Gross!

All of you people have no culinary sense of adventure. I’m still kicking myself for not trying Cui (guinea pig) in Ecuador… that’s one of the things he tried on the show where he was there. I think he also tried lemon ants, but I refuse to put ants in my mouth. grubs, OK. but ants… heck no.