Who's doing holiday baking today?

It’s a rainy, dreary day here in New York. But I have my Christmas music cd’s in and I’m happily baking this morning. Making my traditional Pumpkin Roll and my Chocolate Pie. I can’t do my holiday baking without my xmas music in the background.
Anyone else baking today? If so what?

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.:grphug:

I should be and would be if I didn’t have this darn intestinal virus. I made my pie filling a couple of weeks ago and froze, but I need to make the crusts and bake them. I don’t want to risk passing my virus by making the pie crusts so I guess I’ll have to wait.

Feel free to do some baking for me - I find nothing more relaxing than baking.

It’s a rainy day here too, but I’ll be baking my traditional Apple Pie tomorrow. I’d eat it tonight if I made it today :teehee: so I have to force myself to wait until tomorrow. I did take the turkey out this morning. I love Thanksgiving. cloud9

Hi, I’m new and I just learned to knit a month ago. My friend showed me this website and I am “hooked!” I am baking an apple pie, banana streusel pie, and a pumpkin pie today! I won’t have any time the night before because I work an 11 hour shift at my bar!!!

I’ve been baking a pie a week since cherries got ripe in June.
I’ve got to work today and be done by tomorrow, but I might make cookies tomorrow.
Not for anything special, I still have half an apple pie I can eat on Thursday, I’ll just have time tomorrow and I want to do some experimenting on caramel apple cookies.

If I feel like something special for Thursday I’ll make a cheesecake.

Not baking, just pre-cooking. I may make my stuffing tonight and possibly even my sweet potatoes. I’m bringing dinner to my parents’ house and I don’t like working in someone else’s kitchen.

I might break down and bake a pumpkin pie or some kind of cranberry bread but really, that would be overkill.