Who's christmas gift planning/starting?

So who’s started planning what they are making for christmas gifts? I have been! I only started knitting last February so this will be my first christmas where I’m able to knit presents. I’m excited, but also worried because I’m a pretty slow knitter! Plus I get bored pretty easily. So I figure I should start early! Here’s what I’m thinking about so far:

DH - sweater. my first. eek!
mom & stepdad - afghan
MIL & SIL - scarves. perhaps lace?
Grandma - slippers or large felted tote

I’d love to hear what you are planning if you know!

I’ve already started - and I’ve finished somethings already!!

I’ve already made 4 Mr Flurries for my mom, my MIL, my sister and my grandma.

I plan on making the following:
Lucy Bagfor my Grandma
Cherry Leaf Scarf for my MIL
Starsky for my sister
Several long thin scarves for my sister
Something for my mom (I don’t know what yet)
A pair of socks and a hat for my DH

I’m sure there will be more but that is what I’ve got in mind so far!

I started back in January (yes I did!) & that’s because I knew my progress would be slow. (3 kids, I work at home, yadda yadda) I only have a couple of specific gifts–the rest, I’m just working up things & will organize later.

I got off track with baby gifts, though, as these were a surprise. But most of my gifts are small (socks, dishcloths, a scarf here & there) so I’m still hopeful. :smiley:

:shock: AAH! Don’t remind me how late it already is in the year!!!

I’ve thought about it lots, but I’ve hardly started on anything…

The pair of socks I thought I might have partially finished for a family member turned out to be too tight :frog:… I’ve got a half-finished knitted doily for my grandmother, but that’s about it, I’m pathetically behind :help: and I haven’t even decided on the rest of my knit gifts!

I have, but I have only one project planned so far. I think I’m going to make the Candle Flame Shawl (KnitPicks) for my mother. http://www.knitpicks.com/Projects/Projects_Display_Yarn.aspx?itemid=50465220&yarnid=5420112

Well, if by “planning” you mean “thinking it would be a good idea to start if I only had the time/money/organizational skills/etc”, then, yeah, I’m ALLLLLL over that! :smiley:

Each year my mom and I make it a race to see who can come up with chrismtas presents the fastest!

I’m going to be making booga bags (in WOTA, 2 differet colors for each bag), for my 2 SIL’s, MIL and my hubby’s nana. They LOVED mine. So that takes care of the hard ones right there :slight_smile: I am also going to sew up a christmas tree skirt for my MIL (it will be an early chrismtas present) and one for myself.

I plan to make hats for my 2 nieces and my youngest nephew. That will leave the 2 older nephews to come up with something for.

It’s a start :slight_smile:

Now to just get some money to start buying the yarn!


This is my first year of knitting things for people too. I’ve been doing birthday presents too so far. :slight_smile: Nothing “due” for the next 2 months though, so this is when I plan on getting my christmas gifts started.

Stepmom:Lucky (from SnB:Nation)->in progress (kinda)
Dad:Leo->ready to go
Brother:Scarf->in progress
Mom:sleeping/eye mask thing or halter top of some sort or purse? I don’t know for sure yet for her.
Friend(girl):Kitties&Bunny (colored similar to hers) or a shirt of some sort
Friend(girl):legwarmers and armwarmers
Boyfriend: Cape (dunno if I’ll actually get this done in time)
Boyfriend’s Parents:Hat and scarf for each
Boyfriend’s sister:Mittens with fuzzy cuff

If I have any spare time, I’ll probably make some scarves or hats for other family members as well. Or something. I dunno. They’ll just have to wait until next year. :wink: :lol:

All of the kids (and maybe some of the grown ups) will be getting hand knit christmas stockings. It is so sad to see all those boring red cheap grocery store stocking hung on such pretty mantles! Other than that…I haven’t started actually knitting and planning out my other gifts.

I am trying to get gifts done for a wedding shower (hand knit afghan squares…to be joined with afghan squares from others) and baby gifts for my niece or nephew that will be born this fall!

thanks for that link to the Mr. Flurry pattern sara_jayne! My husband’s favorite aunt collects snowmen so that would be perfect!! I might make a few as back-up gifts! Was the pattern difficult?

The pattern was simple - but I did modify the hat pattern to be knit in the round on DPNs (I followed the pattern exactly, just joined and knit in the round instead of seaming. I also knit the body in the round (I hate seaming) - it turned out great and I saved many hours by not having to seam!

I’m making hats for all of my family. My mom’s friend gets a coca-cola blanket. And I’m thinking of making some pocketbook slippers.


Dad- Hunters orange hat and also a black hat to take to work.
Mom- Blue hat and a pair of pocket book slippers
Sister- Blue hat and a MP3 player sock
Brother- just a hat
SIL- I havn’t decided
Neice- I havn’t decided
Mom’s friend- Coca-cola blanket with a pair of matching pocketbook slippers
Mom’s friends husband- Dark green hat with a couple grey stripes.

I better get started on these :thinking:

color me curious about the boyfriend who wears a cape!

yeah i don’t purposely knit gifts very often…lol. the reason? well i got the yarn to make my mother a purse 10 months ago.

i felted it 2 days ago. :rollseyes:

and it still has to be lined… :rofling:

so i finish a project and wait until someone says ooooooooooooooo with that :inlove: in their eyes and it is theirs! :wink:

Well, he doesn’t…yet. :wink:
I’d like to make us both one actually. Cuz we’re weird like that. :rofling: :heart:

Well, he doesn’t…yet. :wink:
I’d like to make us both one actually. Cuz we’re weird like that. :rofling: :heart:[/quote]

:rofling: :roflhard: :rofling: That’s a reason I can get behind!

Just began on the Strawberry Fields matching sweater and skirt in the May issue of Creative Knitting for GD for Christmas. Hoping to make the matching doll set, also…bought the doll from Target for the doll outfit. Plus, I want to crochet and knit some Barbie items. Don’t really have anything else planned.

Same here… :shifty:

I’ve knit 30 or so pairs of felted mitten Christmas tree ornaments for the extended family. I am probably going to make a few (thousand lol) pairs of the Ft clogs for neighbors and friends.
The immediate family is a real head scratcher! I think I will be making bags for Sis and Sil. I would love to knit Mom a sweater. As for my brothers I think they’ll be scarf and hat sets. I would love to knit them all sweaters but I am a bit of a slow knitter!

Right now all I have planned is a blanket for my parents. (Okay, more so for my mom :blush: ) And I’m pretty close to being done with it. I’m going slow.

The cool thing about this is that THEY DON’T KNOW THAT I KNIT YET!!! :roflhard: I’ve been knitting for almost 18 months now and they live in WI and I’m in CT so she has no clue!! Pretty sneaky, huh? :wink:

It has been sooooo hard not telling anyone in my family, but I know once she sees it she’ll be bawling in 2.3 seconds. She’s quite the crier my mom.

Due to family problems on the in-law side they won’t be receiving any handmade gifts. :frowning:

My sentiments exactly!!! :roflhard:

Glad I saw this thread though, it gives me hope to at least start thinking about this. Also, the links some of you have included look like VERY good candidates.