WHOOPEE my LYS has Karaoke and

[color=blueviolet]Whoopee, I just found out my LYS has Karaoke, Art yarns and tons of others that I didn’t even realize.
She just added the list on the website:
Cool eh?
Can’t wait to go to class on Tuesday,

You can honestly make yourself wait until Tuesday? You’ve got some real self control there!!

[color=blueviolet]Good Morning Ingrid,
Yes, I can wait. One thing I have tons of is self-control…in fact most times I am way too rigid. I have had my Christmas present here for a month and most people think I’m nuts not to be using it. It is a Janome 300E embroidery machine. :slight_smile:
Hope your day goes great,

Kareoke is at my LYS too. $9.50 a skein :rollseyes: and its really small too. But what beee yoo ti ful colors. swoon

[color=darkblue]I can’t wait to ‘get a feel’. :slight_smile:

Now…artyarns I would love to see in person…I’ve not yet ordered any & that’s on my list to look for on vacation! I SO WISH my LYS would stock SWTC yarn!!! you are so lucky :cheering: :cheering:

If you knew where we lived and how barren it was up here, you would really know how blessed I feel.
This yarn shop is in a ladies house about 23 minutes from me (on bare roads). She uses two of her rooms just to the left of the main door. It is chock full of yarn and all kinds of supplies.
When you go to her website and MOVE your mouse around you will see photos of the supplies.
I think this is an earlier shot too as she has much more in there. She actually has an extra set of huge shelving in there that you don’t see in the photos.
I have been there three times and I take the last 15 minutes OR MORE to look around and I still haven’t seen everything.
I am SO blessed,