Whoo HOo! New LYS + yarn for CPH!

I ‘discovered’ a new LYS today, which isn’t actually very local - it’s 20 miles down the peninsula on the freeway. I suppose it’s my new non-local, local yarn store :slight_smile:

The shop was just simply wonderful. They have a fantastic selection of yarn, it was so warm and inviting, and everyone was super helpful. And, to top it all off, they have this great program where when you become a member for $20 a year, you get 10% off all purchases for that year!

I bought 9 skeins of Cascade 220 Superwash in colorway Turquoise Heather 1911 to make the Central Park Hoodie. Unfortunately they didn’t have enough in stock so they ordered it for me and will come in a few weeks.

I’m so excited about the yarn! My friend who was with me was adamantly opposed to the color cause she said I’ll look like a Smurf but I love it anyway!

I can’t wait for it to come in!

A new store sounds like a lot of fun! the new yarn sounds even better! Have fun with it!

Thanks knit2btied! :slight_smile:

It seems ridiculous to be so happy about spending more money than I should, but there’s nothing quite like new yarn!

So you bought Smurf blue? When I was sick, and they thought dying in a hospital (I showed them!) the student nurses were in Smurf blue. Every time one would come in, I’d get nauseus all over again and barf my guts up (sorry). Finally had to have them stop coming in for a few days.

It’s actually a pretty blue, unless you’re ill, hope you have fun with it.

LOL! As long as you don’t make pants to go with it, I think you’ll look great!!

:lol: Now I’ll have to find some scrub pants in that color and pose for my friend with a white hat on my head! She’ll find that hilarious!

Thanks for all your kind words!

I’m knitting a pullover for my granddaughter now, using Cascade 220 in Turquoise! It is gorgeous, and I will further tell you…it knits up beautifully! All the CPH’s on Ravelry that used Cascade 220 LOOK BEAUTIFUL! Just beautiful!

[U]Be sure to BLOCK all your pieces[/U] before seaming! I can tell [I]in a[/I] [I]second[/I] which CPH’s haven’t been blocked. Blocking makes all the difference! A HUGE DIFFERENCE!

Good for you! I love turquoise! It is all the rage right now. Turquoise and brown, and aqua and brown, as a matter of fact!
Wear your CPH with chocolate brown cords! Too cool!

Hi ArtLady,

Thanks for the great tips!! I will be sure to block my pieces before seeming them! It is going to be my first sweater so I’m a bit apprehensive about all the seeming, but so excited to get it started!

I’ve completely overwhelmed myself with all my projects. To think that less than a year ago I never let myself cast-on a new project until the current one was finished seems absurd to me! I’ve totally let that go and have way too many projects on needles and in my queue that needs to get done, but it’s so much more fun this way! :slight_smile:

i’m doing a cph in brown sheep lamb’s pride in turquoise sea. love the pattern.