WHOAA! There's a "search topic" button?

I didn’t realize there was this feature, but I’ve always wanted it!!!

Especially useful for those really long threads that have useful info in them. Like the FT clog knitalong…

If you haven’t noticed it before (like me) it’s in the low bottom right hand corner (below the banner ad).


I don’t see it.

its a search box right above the ‘jump to’ menu

:oops: I was looking for text to click not the box… :shifty: :teehee:

Yep~ I think its a good idea… that way you can find quick answers to topics that have been discussed over and over and over~!! :hot:

:doh: Good grief–I never noticed it, either! Good catch. :slight_smile:

I’ve always just used the search feature at the top of the page… but thanks for reminding me about that one!

The bad thing about hte Search feature is that it doesn’t let you search by a specific topic. Sometimes you know something is in there somewhere, but you just can’t remember the page.

And, I never noticed either, thanks Sandra Ellen!