Kind of a lot for a book…that I don’t think has been released yet according to Amazon… :??:??:??:??

wow. the first one is eligible for free shipping, but shipping for the second one is $3.99. :chair:


WOW! Is that book laced with gold to carry such a price?

that’s so funny that you can’t even get free shipping?? what’s up with that??:shrug:

:doh::doh::doh: hopefully the seller will see it and be like oops

Mistake? I just looked the book up on amazon and you can purchase the book and a companion one for under $30 for the two (plus shipping)

I think the finger slipped on the 0…

I’ve seen ridiculous prices on books not yet released before. I wonder if the price hasn’t been set when someone entered that. But clearly someone needs to go back and fix it!

Um yeah… I’m fairly certain it’s a mistake. :teehee: It was just so beyond reasonable that I thought it was hilarious!

I just looked again and it doesn’t show any as used so it must have been corrected. :wink:

That was funny!:rofl:


the pages are made of silver, the cover is diamond-studded, and the book contains God’s secrets on how to live a superrich, amazingly happy, yarn-filled life! :woot: