Whoa! Firefox 3.0 Looks Like Safari!

My computer just updated Firefox and all I can say is WHOA!

What a different look!

Anyone notice?

Yes I noticed. However, I’ve never used Safari so I had no idea…

I have it, but I didn’t notice anything. I don’t even know what Safari looks like so I guess that’s why. :shrug:

I haven’t used Safari but Firefox does have a much different look. So far I’m not too happy with it only because I play a lot of games online and currently there are no plug-ins for a few of the games I play a LOT. I have to open the games with IE & I really don’t like IE.

It does look like Safari kind of! I thought it looked more like the OLD Netscape though. I can’t say whether I like it yet or not. IE is unstable. I would google whether you can download the plugins Demonica.

I can’t figure out how it looks different! :?? Mine updates regularly, but I don’t see anything different than usual.

I’ve checked, I keep getting a message telling me there are currently no available plug-ins. Apparently there is an “experimental” add-on for it though. I don’t know if I want to try an experimental one though. Knowing my luck it would make my computer lock up and explode or something…lol

Maybe it looks different on a Mac, which is what I have.

I have a Mac at home and PC at work. It looks different on both machines, but the Mac is by far the most noticeably different. I can see how it looks pretty similar to the old version on a PC except that it’s a little more primary in nature it seems.

Ah. That makes sense! :thumbsup:

Some of the changes I noticed after I downloaded the new verrsion (I’m using a PC):

There are two new buttons on the right side of the address window: one lets you subscribe to a feed instantly; the other (a star) is an instant bookmark button.

The list of previous URLs that drops down when you begin to type an address has been upgraded. It’s supposed to be much “smarter” in the sense that it “learns” your favorites quickly.

There are new “Most Visited” and “Latest Headlines” buttons.

There are some cosmetic changes such as an enlarged Back button.

It’s supposed to be faster.

There are others but I admit I did not read the “What’s New” page carefully.

Demonica, the ‘experimental’ plug-ins tend to be quite safe. Sometimes they simply don’t work as expected, but they aren’t going to lock up your machine.

In the open source world, experimental software simply hasn’t finished the testing and debugging process needed to call it stable. I do a great deal of open source alpha and beta testing and help to re-write some of the code needed to make the software more stable.

Worse case, if the plug-in causes undesirable results you can simply uninstall it.