Who wants a Dog?

I’ve been working on this really kewl scarf that has a lace-like look to it. :XX: Everyone that sees it is ultra-impressed (I’m impressed too, if I might brag a bit). :heart:

((I thought the title of this thread was about a dog)) :thinking:

Last night I was FINISHING my “work of art”… I had to take a 30 SECOND bathroom break before I started my last few rows… (you know where I’m going… Don’t you?) :thinking:

When I came back, my dog (who will remain nameless) was CHEWING on my scarf… :fingerwag: AND YES, he chew through the ribbon… TOTALLY destroying it!!! :frog:

Soooo… Who would like to have a “well-trained” dog to add to their family??? :wall:

Now now… this is the part where you snap pictures of the doomed scarf and the evidence that dangles from his teeth. Then you post them… we all secretly, laugh our butts off… then offer words of wisdom on how to fix it… Plus, you get to look back on it and remember what an adorable little trouble finder he was. :smiley:

Sorry Glen, I already have a dog who chews my projects (like my baby bonnet that I had just finished taking glorious pictures of) :roflhard:

And yes, this is really what they do too. On a serious note, if it wasn’t for the words of wisdom on how to fix it, my little bonnet would be in the trash.

I suppose that “years down the road” I’ll laugh at this “chewing”… :roflhard:

On another track–do you really think that anyone around here would knowingly adopt a yarn-chewing dog? Hmmmm? Maybe we can send FG’s “good” dog over to teach your’s a lesson!

Yeah, she’ll teach Glen’s dog all sorts of “good” stuff, like how to pull up the kitchen floor, how to chew holes in dry wall, how to chew at the door frame, how to get up on the counter and eat an ENTIRE bag of hamburger buns, how to gorge on dog food, how to dig a hole in the backyard to get to Australia… :roflhard:

Here’s a picture of my little (65lb) monster, Miss Katie NoNo Bear, for you Glen…isn’t she just a model of innocence?

But his scarf would be intact!

Katie is adorable… She & Opie would make a great pair!!! Just like Pebbles & Howie…

Oh wow…I think our dog must’ve been a sibling of your dog! How can you possibly get mad at a face like that though???

She’s gotten a lot better now that we crate her whenever we can’t watch her every move :doh: hmmm, should’ve done that to begin with, eh? Our other doggie, Emmie, our angel, has crate fear (she mutilates herself) so we can’t crate her, but she’s really good just being confined to the kitchen. So we just figured we’d do that with Katie too. Another :doh: And that’s why I have to replace all the baseboards and door frames before we ever attempt to sell this house.

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve threatened to send her back to the adoption group we got her from! Besides her chewing, she has food allergies (but we didn’t know that originally) and kept getting sick. Plus she had a bladder infection when we got her that no one knew about and that was making it really hard to house-train her. Yikes, what were her former owners doing to her? I have a sneaky suspicion she may have come from a puppy mill :crying: Now that we’ve gotten her straightened out health wise, she’s been really good…except for the chewing…but she’s still a puppy, so I keep hoping she’ll grow out of it.

but i :heart: her to death!! she’s mommy’s baby. my favorite thing is when she jumps into my armchair with me and lays her head on my shoulder and falls asleep. aaaawww. she had me at “woof”

OMG, FG that pic is PRECIOUS! :roflhard:

Glen, its happened to ALL of us…Howie has chewed TWO of my projects because I apparently didnt learn my lesson the first time… :doh:

Ugh. Pets and yarn DO NOT MIX.

I WAS working on this, till the morning when I found it (and the ball of yarn) strewn all over the living room, and two guilty looking cats. It was 100% laceweight mohair. If you’ve ever tried to frog mohair, you know it’s an exercise in futility. :wall:

Now, if they even get close to my yarn, they get “The Look”, and hightail it outta here. :mrgreen:

OH NOOOOO! It was so PREEEETY!!! :frowning:

Only way that I’ve found that they DO mix is when the pet is hogtied with the yarn. :thumbsup:

Seriously, all three of my cats like to “Help” while I’m knitting, two will play with the yarn, and the other plays with the needles. :doh:

Sure they do … Everytime one of my cats does something bad, he gets a B.A.T.H. for his troubles. He has yet to mess with the yarn … I might just have to add a trim, blow-dry and style for that!! :rofling:

:roflhard: :roflhard:

I have to watch my dog with my needles… He dosen’t seem to care about my work but if I drop a needle he comes a running… My cat is the one who would love to destroy anything I do… or my two kids :roflhard: I had to get in the habit that even if I was going away for a minute to roll everything up and put it up… then get it back down and un roll it… although my son did find my dishrag up high one day and tried to help me knit it… :wink: