Who sells plymouth yarn?

I found some of it online and it is really pretty…I was wondering if I need to go to my lys or if I could get it at joanns or michaels?


P.S. Must make socks, must make socks, must make socks…

well it is available all over online but i think in general if you want to find it locally it has to be at an LYS. I have never seen it in in a big chain store.

I’ve never seen it at Joanns or Michaels, but I have at the LYS.

Also at the LYS for me. I used the Baby Alpaca Grande for a hat. It is so nice and soft with a pretty sheen.


This is a new yarn store near me, I haven’t gone out there but I ordered from them, a big order coz they have nice discounts. I needed Plymouth Galway and they had the color I needed on sale. Check out those discounted yarns. Then they have regular priced Plymouth also.


Thanks for the info! I will check with my lys. If they don’t have it, I will order it online.

Happy Knitting,

oooh i forgot… www.personalthreads.com …has a buncha galway. they don’t have encore but galway they do have and everything they have in the store is 20% off through the 14th.

I remember seeing a number of Plymouth yarns in the Savannah store
last Thanksgiving. Their have a website www.redneedleyarns.com.
You might also try the Plymouth website to see if there is a retailer
near you.


I bought some Hot, Hot, Hot and Eros when I was in Savannah