Who says socks have to match?


I think this is cool, because I hate knitting second socks. Even tandem knitting stretches me. But this…this is so niftykeen and supercool!

this is cool cause I lose socks all the time and i love funky socks. I have Marilyn monroe, license plates, gorillas, kitties, ducks,strawberry shortcake and rubber duckies etc and on and on. I love a mind who takes lemons and makes lemonade

I hate making second socks too. I think it has to do with enjoying the process and always wanting to make something different. What fun is making 2 of the same thing? :slight_smile: When I made my first sock I didn’t like the way it felt walking in it, but it was comfortable sleeping in. But I can’t sleep with both feet covered (one foot has to be uncovered and out of the covers) so my kids call it my sleeping sock and I never made a second one.

I haven’t made any socks but I belive in the sock monster… somewhere between the socks entering the washer and coming out of the dryer the other matching sock disappears… and baby socks are the worst!! :smiley:

Isn’t this called something? Ya know something that everyone experiences but can’t explain?

My babysitter (well, she babysits my kids, not ME!) never wears two socks the same. She must have a zillion different ones, and she always mixes them up. I told her I’d knit her socks, since I’ll probably run out of patience after one!! :wink: