Who is watching The Game?

I did just kick hubby upstairs as I do not want to watch how ever many hours of football but will be checking it out from time to time but I was wondering who is watching the game and who do you want to win?

Oh, I would like to see The Pats win!

meee too! :inlove:

Watching, mainly for the ads though. That Bud Light wheel of cheese ad was pretty funny. Wouldn’t mind having that Audi R8 but I don’t think hubby would drop $109K on it.
Don’t care who wins really since our Bucs aren’t in it.

its really a shame that its not even halftime and we are already out of chips, so my 12yo is eating dip out of a spoon. she wont even take her shower during halftime, as she wants to see the HT show. It is so hard for my 10yo to understand that today is the one day we WANT to see the comercials, so she cannot talk then either.

Good thing I still have this shiff to work on, it is almost entirely straight knitting in the round

I watched some of the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet.

I dont even like football but I always watch the super bowl, I pick a team I like usually I decide by which uniform I like best and I get really into the game. It never fails the team I pick always loses. Tonight my pick was New England and see what happend!!!

I don’t know anything about football, but I watched the game yesterday and I really enjoyed it!

I always pick the underdog team because I feel bad for the guys. :teehee: Everybody was favoring the Patriots, so I picked the Giants and I was happy to see them win! :happydance: